Where is Middle Earth?



Switzerland's breathtaking scenery is hard not to be inspiring. The fresh greenery and mysterious caverns easily depict JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth. The hills are a perfect representation of Bilbo Baggins' home. Her eerie caves are like the cold home of the precious Gollum.

Language and Culture

Switzerland is full of culturally diverse people. Citizens communicate with each other through many different languages. This beautifully reflects JRR Tolkien's world. There is a vast variety o creatures in his world; from hobbits and goblins, to elves and dragons. This also means that Switzerland is culturally diverse. The people of Middle Earth love to eat, and Switzerland is know for it's many delicacies. I mean, Tolkien's world, in every aspect really, seems to have been derived from Switzerland's beauty.

Check It Out!

Swiss National Anthem - "Schweizerpsalm" (DE/EN)

For all the Skeptics

I Rest My Case...

I know some people think Switzerland is "too small" to be Middle Earth, but they're wrong. It's big enough to be a country, isn't it? And for all others who doubt, just think about it. The geography is uncannily similar, the cultural aspect is somewhat the same, and the most important thing to remember is: there are straight up Hobbit museums and houses in the fine country of Switzerland. I rest my case.