Coworking space: The Future Of Work

As we step into a new reality, 2022 is seeing a "great return" period where companies call their employees to return to the office as they did before. Still, coworking spaces push the standard office modality aside as an inspiring and different alternative to old job structures. Small and large businesses are considering the benefits coworking spaces offer. Let's look at how these places are changing the office experience.

The worst thing that came with lockdowns (speaking about the working experience) was the sense of loneliness we shared when we were forced to work from home. As humans, we are social beings, and working from home was a big challenge for extroverts who enjoy interacting with others daily. Working with others means gathering, enjoying, and learning from one another.

Coworking spaces bring people of different professions and interests together through their unique design. Coworking offices are designed for interaction, with common areas and rooms to promote exchanges. It is the perfect place for networking and conversing with other minds just by being in the same space. Here, people can expand their networks and learn from others within their industry.

When you work in a conventional office, you are only able to speak with certain people in your same field, and meeting people with different ideas is the best way to have an enriching experience. In a coworking space, you spend time with professionals from other areas with different interests, talents, and connections. Here you can find new opportunities.

A second positive change with coworking is that people feel more productive in these places than at home. Coworking offices are designed to inspire people and promote, well, coworking. These are comfortable places with all the amenities you need (parking, offices, meeting rooms, lounges, coffees, and some even have game rooms or spaces for meditating). Members are not limited to just one area in a coworking space; they can use space other than their office if they need a change of environment, for example.

The future of work includes flexibility and better time management. People want to work from home because they can leave the bed in the morning and start working within a few minutes. Work from home allows redefining office hours, attire, and break times. Some of the best coworking places are open 24/7, so people are not limited to a 9-5 schedule.

The old in-office model is every time more obsolete, as there are new and more advantageous ways of working. If you are a remote worker and live in Jacksonville, FL, don't hesitate to contact Fresh Cowork. We are a coworking space based in Jacksonville, providing a productive and peaceful place for those who want to work outside the house and enrich their working experience. If you are curious about what we offer, don't hesitate to visit our website and book a tour.

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