World History

B Block

This Unit in World History (February 20 - February 28)

We are working on Western Europe during the Middle Ages. First, we will follow the spread and influence of Christianity and the Catholic Church. Second, we will engage with feudal society in terms of economics, politics, and social effects. Next will be Charlemagne and the revival of the idea of the Roman Empire. Finally, we will discuss migratory groups like Vikings and their effect on the region during this period.

Upcoming Assessments

The exit tickets remain as class work grades. For this unit, we will be having two major assessments. The project will be a writing assignment. Students will imagine that they are a member of feudal life. They will create a poster with a letter describing their role in society and a picture of their house. Students will receive a rubric when I assign the project.

The second assessment is the benchmark test. If students review their notes, they will do well on their test. Remember, these tests reflect the content in the SOLs, so please encourage your students to review for them. If you have any questions, please come in and talk with me. My contact information is also below.

I will do my part to help students do well on their tests. While many teachers will teach to the test, I mix higher order thinking with lecture. According to research by Royal Van Horn, the students who write a lot do much better on the tests (1997). Using his advice, I will improve students' scores.

Royal Van Horn, “Improving Standardized Test Scores,” The Phi Delta Kappan 78:7 (1997), 585.

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