World War I

Causes of the War

Historians recognize three important reasons why World War I started:

1. Tensions between the Austria-Hungary and the Serbia

2. Imperial Rivalries between Great Britain/France against Germany

3. European Alliances: Great Britain, France, Russia, USA vs Germany, Austria-Hungary

Trench Warfare: A New Type of War

World War I brought many changes to the way wars were fought.

1. Trench warfare meant that soldiers had to dig long ditches in the ground. They lived and fought from these trenches. It was very dangerous, because they enemy could drop explosives on you. They also sent poisonous gas into the trenches.

2. New weapons were invented including machine guns.

3. The first airplane had flown in 1903 and by World War I armies were using airplanes to drop bombs and fight enemy planes.

4. Neither side could easily gain an advantage in trench warfare. This meant that the war dragged on for four years, with neither side really winning.