In Memory of Terry Tanctoral

a Triceratops

we will miss you!

Terry tanctoral was a loved Triceatops. everyone loved her three horns. Even though near the end of her life, her horn got bit off and she only had two horns. She lived through the cretaceous geologic time period (sixty-eight to sixty-five million years ago). She had a skull the size of a meter. terry had a parrot shaped beak that she ate her herbs and shrubs with. She may have had feathers at one time but nobody really knows

Terrys Enemy

Terry always fought Tamakoh the t-rex. They were in very bloody fights and never got along. In their second-to-last fight, Tamakoh bit terry’s horn off. In the last fight, Terry was killed in her last battle.

Terry's Childhood

Terry used to be made fun of by because she could only go at a top speed of ten miles per hour. This is because she weighed about thirteen to twenty-six thousand pounds so, it slowed her down. Terry’s close friend, kenny kayln always supported terry.Terry joined the track team with kenny and a few other dinos. They did a relay and they were always last because of terry Even though she was made fun of a lot, she was the toughest in her class because she had a frill. Frills were a protective shield that protected her neck. The frill did not work all the time because some of Terry’s family members frills were punctured and sadly, they are not here with us today.

Terry's Mate

terry was a verry attractive Triceratops and was a magnet for terance ( a masculine triceratops who was also verry attractive) Terry married this Triceratops and they never fought. Even though terance and Terry didn’t fight, that doesn’t mean that she was peaceful.

Where was Terry?

terry lived in North America. She was also one of the last dinosaurs standing and died at the Hell Creek formation

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Terry's closest relatives

Terry's funeral

Thursday, April 24th, 9:30-11:30am

Mr. Dino's funeral home

come celebrate Terry's life with us

Who Am I?

Nicole Wood, T-5

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