Less Homework

Marie-Line Ranschaert

Homework! A lot of students don’t like it every day, there is so much of it. At 4 o’clock school should normally be over... but no, most of the days there is a pile of homework waiting for most students. As if a whole day of school wasn’t enough. Maybe the teachers use it because they don’t get everything done in class. It’s relatively easy to give homework but I have the impression that they rarely think about the consequences. And often they don’t know about each other, so some days the total amount of homework is too much. Then we have less leisure: we sometimes even can’t do our hobbies anymore... For example, It happens that I can’t go to the scouts because my homework isn’t ready. It’s often difficult to make a good choice – what is most important: my social work or the individual homework? The amount of homework and lessons are often unbalanced. And the worst thing is the week before the school report. Suddenly all the teachers need to complete their notes and program so they all do tests and give tasks at the same time, often without consultation among colleagues and students. It would be much nicer when we had less work at home and do a little more in class.