Equal Rights for Same-Sex Adoption

Halley Wilson

Why is it such a big deal for same-sex couples to adopt?

It's really not. Most people think it's a sin to be "gay' but, that's just their opinion. Most things people say are just about their opinions and beliefs , not facts. Lauren Ritchie says "Family-law attorneys estimate at least 1,000 adoptions have been finalized statewide by gays, even though the aw prohibiting adoption by homosexuals remain on the books." People are going against the law to help the homosexuals because they know it's not wrong and they've seen the statistics. Most people are just afraid about how the child is going to feel at school because of the bullying they might get but, every child gets bullied no matter how perfect. The child is the parents' responsibility, not the other person who is judging upon what the child is feeling.

History of their fight for equality

Gays and Lesbians have been facing so many struggles just to be themselves. In 2015, one of their biggest problems were solved when same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states. Their are still more including this issue. They have a lot of people against them mostly for religious reasons. That god didn't make man or woman that way, people who are for this would say that we weren't there when he was around how would we know. Some of the suffers had lead to create the unit "hate crimes" because of segregation and so much hate they commit a crime against gays and lesbians. People like to compare these things to racism and how the blacks were treated against the whites, like they're the same thing. In some ways they are and in some ways they are, the overall idea is the wanting Americans to own up to their promise of equality that is America is known for, and should stand for.

Their Adopted Child

Most people think homosexuality will make the child have a terrible life but the child would remain the same most likely better. Shannon Corregan stated "The study found that the children of homosexual parents are no worse odd than the children of heterosexual parents in terms of their emotional and physical health, and in some cases are even "healthier and happier" than their peers." What she is saying is very clear, the child will not change negatively in a homosexual home vs a heterosexual home. So when others say the child isn't going to be right, their wrong.

Your Child

Your child would not be affected. Yeah they might have adopted homosexual friends but, that doesn't affect their common sense. Just being by one doesn't affect anyone, they're just paranoid by the stereotypes and brainwash. Shannon Corregan says "Obviously, these data don't point to some genetic child-raising superiority hidden deep in the "homosexual gene"; it has to do with social realities. Researchers posited that disparity is caused by the fact that gay couples create partnerships and households built on equality." She is pointing out that it doesn't matter their is no bad thing about being homosexual and adopting, all the negativity is just based on stereotypes.

The Big Idea

Olivia Lowenberg commented "Just as gay marriage bans have been challenged , finally defeated, in courts, opinion are same-sex couples adopting children have shifted dramatically, too. Just two years ago, several state had bans on joint adoption by gay couples." The big idea is there should be no barriers between the heterosexual and homosexual, marriage was the first major victory, but yet, they still struggle to have equal rights that all citizens should have anyways.