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Issue 3 28 February, 2019

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The Season of Lent

Next week marks the beginning of Lent with Shrove Tuesday followed by Ash Wednesday. Students across TLC will learn about the significance of both days in our Christian calendar and why we associate pancakes with Lent. The day was historically an opportunity to use up the luxuries such as butter and eggs before the period of lent so as to not waste such precious commodities. The period of lent is a time when Christians have traditionally given up luxuries. Today, some people choose to give up chocolate or coffee, others choose to use the season of Lent to be thankful of the luxuries that we have in our lives. As a family, Lent is perfect time to talk about our blessings and perhaps come up with a family goal for Lent. I know a family who traded their Friday night take away treat for making a donation to a local charity during Lent last year. A powerful message to their children of caring for others. Will your family make the decision to give up something this Lent?

Parents and friends are invited to join us on Wednesday (6 March) at 9am in Sunset Hall for an Ash Wednesday Chapel service.

Have a wonderful week, Eloise Beveridge

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College Swimming Carnivals

What a fabulous two events we have just held across our College! It was great to see so many happy and willing participants at both the Prep - Year 2 and Year 3 - Year 10 Carnivals. I have been so impressed with the amazing sportsmanship shown by our super students along with the dedicated and professional support of our staff and parent helpers to make these days such a success.

Congratulations to all the students and staff who participated in the various events during the Carnivals. A huge thank you to all the parents, family and friends who volunteered their time to help with the various jobs that needed tending too. A true community effort, the TLC spirit in action! Thank you!

Congratulations Mitchell

The Rite Journey

This Weeks Read - Developing Resilience in Teenagers

A great article with some simple tips to help us support our young adults as they navigate through the challenges of adolescence. Resilience is a key tool to develop for all of us, young or old.

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