Me, Myself, And I

A Bio About Meadow Ray

Short Bio.

Hi, my name is Meadow. I love pugs, and I also like salmon. My favorite color is purple and my favorite sport is soccor.

My favorite dog!

This is Edgar Alan Pug, in real life he is a black pug.

Note: This is not the writer, pugs are not as good with a pen. :)

My favorite book!

My favorite book series is Maximum Ride. Above is the main character, her name is Max, she is amazing.

Note: These books are by James Patterson, you should read his books.

Really Great Quote

I read the Percy Jackson books and I thought this quote pretty much summed up the funny bits of it.

Note: This kid is like this a lot.

And Now..

The moment you've all been waiting for.....The Boring Stuff!

Hobbies and Activities.

Some of my hobbies are soccer, reading, and I love animals.

How Many Ways Am I Smart?

I am music smart, body smart, and self smart.

My Learning Style!

I learn by seeing things in front of me. I am pretty good with reading too but I mostly see things better.

My Dream Job!

I would love to be a Photographer. They can earn up to $37,030 per year. I want to do this for the fun, I love to take photos.


Alright, now that that's over, we can get back to the fun part!

Best. Quote. EVER!

I read these amazing books and this quote is from them, there was a kid who was making fun of a mans accent. This was one of many hilarious quotes. The kids from this book are very odd.

Note: Yes, that was the kids name, I think you know why.( Don't say I didn't warn you they were odd kids.)

Cat Time!

This is the part in my bio when I put in a random cat segment.

The OMG Cat

That's Pretty Much It!

Well, that's pretty much all I had time for. Thanks for reading to the end, it was a pretty long segment....OF AWESOMENESS!