Better Have My Money

"Pay me what you owe me, don't act like you forgot" -Rihanna

How do thieves steal identities?

There are several ways that a person could steal someone's identity, most require computer skills to a higher level, and others could just be stealing your mail. Some methods include: stealing information from purses, wallets, personal records, tax information, or bank/credit card statements. Others include diverting mail, dumpster diving, skimming, phishing, spyware, and hacking.

What do thieves do with your stolen information?

There are multiple things that could occur if an identity is stolen like apply for a new driver's license, open new bank accounts, apply for credit cards and store credit accounts. Some would take cash from bank accounts or try to get a job with their newfound background. Some would even go to the lengths of renting an apartment or some other form of housing.

Helpful tips and tricks to avoid having your identity stolen

  • Only carry with you what is necessary
  • Sign the back of all cards with signature and "please see ID"
  • Shred all card offers or anything with personal information
  • Keep usernames and passwords protected
  • Verify the source of any phone call
  • Do NOT click on links or pop up ads
  • Always use privacy settings
  • When using any website that requires personal information, look for the "s" in "https" because the s = secure
  • Memorize Social Security number and keep the card in a safe place
  • Check credit reports every 4 months from one of the three major credit bureaus

What action do you take if you realize your identity has been stolen?

  1. Act immediately
  2. Keep a detailed record of correspondence and phone records
  3. Contact three major bureaus and request a free fraud alert to be added to the credit report
  4. Close all accounts which have been tampered with or opened fraudulently
  5. File a police report
  6. File a complaint with the FTC (