CALIFORNIA HOLLYWOOD is a big and small city but there are alot of famous people there witch is by the HOLLYWOOD sign. I would like to go there because there alot of famous people and they have fun stuff to do there like helicopter ride and the beach and HOLLYWOOD STUDIOUS.I would like to go there with my family because I have never been there and I would like to go there.
so get there i would take a plane first class and rent a car and hotel the var rented is a 2015 corvet and the hotel will be holly wood sighn view on the mountins and i would like to go squba diving and private surfing lessons we would do alot of stuff like eating to
me and my wife would like to go in a helocopter and swiming but me i would like to go climb a mountin any mountin cause im one of thos people who do crazy stuff
so the resson i would like to go to california because i like the beach and surfing the people there are really down to earth and i like there food because its not the same over here in willis tx and conroe tx but the only bad ressone is they get alot of earthquakes but i can handle that so thats why my dream place to travel is calorfina