How to become presidents

By: Faith davis


You have to be born a US citizen or you have to be a US residents for 14 years. You have to be at least 35 years old to register for president; but I think you would get more votes if you waited until about 45.

Step one: primaries and caucuses

Primary: vote for the best candidate that will represent them in the general election.

Caucuses: Select the best candidate through a series of discussions and votes.

People with the same idea belong to the same party. These people will go around the country to win favor of their party members.

Step two: National Convention

Each party hold a national election to select their final presidential nominee. The presidential candidate chooses a running mate.They campaign around the country to win the support of the general population.

Step three: General election

People from every state vote for the president he or she wants. When people vote they're actually voting for people known as electors.

Step four: Electoral college

Each state gets a certain number of electors based on its representation in congress. Each elector can cast one vote following the general election. The candidate that gets more than half, which is 270 wins. The new president and vice president are inaugurated in January.