Australia: Top 10!

By: Alisha Ali


Although they usually keep to themselves, there are a range of dangerous snakes in Australia, such as the Brown Snake, Tiger Snake and Taipan.


Australia is home to a variety of unique animals, including the Emu, Kookaburra and Platypus.


The red kangaroo is Australia's largest kangaroo of the nearly 60 species in the kangaroo family.


One of Australia's lakes called, Lake Hillier is a bright pink, but scientist don't know why.


There is a mountain called Mt. Disappointment


UGGS is a very famous Australian company.


The X Factor Australia & Masterchef Australia are two very famous shows in Australia.


In the year 2014, more than 23,581,000 people live in Australia


About 1.35 trillion bottles of wine or produced by Australians in a year making Australia the largest wine manufacturing country.


Meat pies is one of Australia's local dishes.