Natale Cristiani

A Family Tree Project By: Anthony Cristiani

Early Life

When Natale was 13-years-old he snuck on a ship as a stowaway. He went through Ellis Island and he found his way to San Francisco. He Started working as a Black Smith helper shortly after he arrived in San Francisco. The owner of the Black Smith shop, took him in and raised him until he could live on his own. Eventually, he took over the Black Smith shop when the owner died. After owning the shop for a little while, he moved to Oakland, California. After he was in Oakland for a few years, he married Angela Figone and had 4 boys.

Family Life

When Natale was in Oakland, California, he met Angela Figone. They were together for a couple of years and then they got married in 1915. They had 4 boys: Frank, Albert, Carlo, and Louis. Frank was the first born, and he was born in 1917. Albert was the second born, and he was born in 1918. Carlo was the third born, and he was born in 1921. And finally there is Louis, and he was born in 1924.
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Natale Cristiani worked as a Black Smith, and Owned a shop in Oakland California. His wife didn't have a job, so Natale was relied on by their 4 boys . He worked as a Black Smith until he was 61-years-old.
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Natale Cristiani died in 1968. He was 87-years-old when he died. Natale Cristiani is missed as a Great Grandfather, Father, and Husband. He will also be missed as a great and loving person as well.
World War 1 (in One Take)
One world event that happened during my Great Grandfathers life was World War 1. World War 1 started in 1914. My Great Grandfather would of been 33-years-old when it started.