Arthropod: Hermit Crab

Madison Stewart

Scientific Name: Paguraidea

Normal Habitat : Biome Types

The Salty Waters of the ocean to the sandy beaches along the shore.

Body Shape and Description

  • The body shape of a hermit crab is circle.
  • It has special features in it`s living habitat because The hermit crab can fit in it`s shell cause it`s really small and circle to protect it`s self from any animals that try to eat it.
  • There`s 500 different species of a hermit crab found in marine habitats
  • It has A very protective shell.
  • It is mostly found in Coastal Waters.
  • It can protect it`s life really easy.

Feeding Habitats

  • Fish,worms, plankton
  • Omnivore

Life Cycle

  • Th hermit crabs life cycle is really easy as you can see.
  • They have many weeks before they hatch.
  • They don`t hatch until a couple weeks after.
  • The egg stage is really simple you go from egg stage to zoea, megalopa, juevenile crabs Adult Crabs (Repeat)

Geographical Home

  • Hermit crabs geographical home is at the bottom of the ocean
  • It lives in a shell and sometimes come upon the shore