Canada in 2060

By: Neil Saha

What is Canada 2060?

What will Canada will look like in 2060? Will Canada stay the same 45 years from now? I think our country will be further developed than it is today. I wonder what the FNMI population would look like in 2060? The current immigration. population and demography trends would differ tremendously from now to 2060. Now lets take a look what Canada will look like in 2060.

Immigration Trends

Where are most immigrants coming from?

In 2060 I believe most immigrants will be coming from China, India and some parts of the middle east. China and India are most likely to have a poor economy in 2060 resulting in people from these countries immigrating to Canada. These countries will be overpopulated, whereas Canada will not be as crowded due to a declining population. I feel that a lot of citizens will have immigrated from the Middle East to Canada as a result of poverty and a risk of war. In my opinion I believe that families would immigrate to Canada where there is a safer community and you feel protected when you are walking on the streets. I think most immigrants come to Canada because they would like better opportunities for their children and themselves.

Point System

Canada's point system will change dramatically over the years by 2060. By 2060 Canada will be more focused on experience with work ethics than the language ability of the citizen. Due to the Canadian population declining and most citizens entering their retirement age, their will be fewer citizens in the workforce. The more immigrants who immigrate to Canada with work experience and a full education allow Canada's economy to become more developed. This will have an impact on the society as is will become more sustainable than before.

Which part do most immigrants go to?

Most immigrants who come to Canada in 2060 will tend to go to more industrialized provinces. Some of the provinces they are most likely to immigrate to include Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. As a result of this there are fewer jobs available in these provinces. Provinces such as these ones tend to be more industrialized because there are more libraries, places of worship and the citizens accept the race and religions of others.

Key Predictions

The major source of Canada's population immigrated to Canada, this will carry on to become a tradition until 2060. Canada 2060 will have a very high net migration rate because many people will be entering and few will be leaving. By 2060 Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia will become overpopulated countries. This is because most immigrants go to these province causing causing the province to end up in this situation. In conclusion i feel Canada 2060 will be a successful country and will continue to grow.

Population Trends

Canada 2060 Birth Rate

On the demographic transition model, Canada 2060 would currently be in in its 5th stage. The birth rate would drop dramatically due to parents realizing the benefits of to have fewer children. They realized that having fewer children is beneficial because there is less expenses for families. Parents would have to pay for healthcare, to prevent diseases, education so kids can grow up to have a good job and clean water and food so kids stay healthy without a problem of starvation. In 2060 The birth rate will be low and the population will be aging, this resulting in Canada having a declining population.

Canada 2060 Death Rate

Canada's 2060 population will have been growing older and it would have decreased in 2060. In the future citizens of Canada will require more help from the government. The death rate would increase to 7.27 people per 1000 people by 2060. By 2060 the baby boomers will be aging and a lot of them will be retiring. If more people in the workforce retire, Canada will have a shortage of jobs. In Canada 2060 I think the population will have decreased and the death ratewill be much higher than it is today.

Small Families

By 2060 families in Canada will chooses to have smaller families for many reasons. The expenses per family will decrease tremendously as they won't have to pay for a child's education, food, clothing and healthcare. Families with more than 2 children will have financial constraints such as no pay with maternity leave and only 6% of companies offering flexible schedules for pregnant women. By 2060, Canada's population will have decreased massively due to smaller families.

Key Predictions

By 2060 Canada will have an estimated population between 40 and 63 million people. The Baby Boomer population will have been retired and some of them may have even passed away. As a result of this Canada's population will be decreasing and aging by the year 2060. More of the population will be aging in Canada, for this the government will have to pay extra money to help support the baby boomers in retirement. The birth rate will be lower than the death rate causing a decline in Canada's 2060 population. I think Canada's population will have decreased by a lot by 2060 and this will cause problems in Canada's demographic model.

First Nations, Metis & Inuit Trends.

Relationship with Canadians

In Canada 2060 the relationship with Canada and the First Nations will be much stronger than it is now. This is because by 2060 the aboriginal population will be six times more than non-aboriginals. If the Canadian population is decreasing as we approach 2060 and more aboriginal people immigrate to Canada, the aboriginal population will increase.

Aboriginals Population

Today the aboriginals make up 4.3% of Canada's total population. 61% of the aboriginals are First Nations, 32% Metis and 4% Inuit, out of all of these people only 1 in every 6 can have an actual conversation in one of the aboriginal languages..In 2060 the population growth rate of the aboriginals themselves will be greater than Canada's general population growth rate, meaning their population will most likely continue to increase as the years go by.

Indian Act in 2060

In Canada 2060 50% of aboriginals will be registered under the Indian Act. Many people believed that the Indian Act was fine, but only Wab Kinew believed that it should be abolished. The Indian Act is a Canadian law that is involved in matters related to Indian Status, bands and reserves. By getting rid of the Indian Act it would allow the Aboriginals to interact further with the non-aboriginals,they would be considered equal members of the society and would not be treated as just another ethnic group. I believe the Indian Act may eventually be abolished both in favor of the Indians becoming a part of the regular society and non-aboriginals so they don't feel like they are getting special treatment towards things such as taxes.

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Key predictions

All in all I think that the future will be bright for the 2060 Canadian aboriginal population. The population of the aboriginal’s will continue to grow. Reserves may start to get over crowded due to the population rising. The birth rate for aboriginals will be higher than the Canadian birth rate due to them having a lower likeliness to survive. In Canada 2060 I think there will also be more riots, protests and war against the government to remove the Indian Act.


Canada 2060 Overall

I hope this smore has helped you take a look into the future and see what our wonderful country may look like in the year 2060. Maybe it's gotten you thinking about your future or maybe you want to look into some of these things on your own. I also hope you like what you see. If so then you can use these things to help shape our future. If not remember these are only predictions, projections, estimations; anything could happen I mean,nothing is set in stone right?
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