Creative Brief Process

Pandora Achibuem

What is a creative brief?

It is a document created through initial meetings, interviews, readings and discussions between a client and designer before any work begins. Throughout the project, the creative brief continues to inform and guide the work.

Step 1

Corporate Profile: Don't assume the team you're working with really knows what you do.

Step 2

Market Position: Provide a realistic evaluation of your organization, service, or brand relative to your competitors. How is your company unique or different? What is your standing in the industry? What marketing communications techniques are most effective among your competitors?

Step 3

Current Situation: Explain the situation that instigated the need for this project.

Examples: Our brand identity isn't working anymore. The baby boom generation thinks of us fondly from their youth, but their children consider us too conservative.

Step 4

Business Objectives: What do you want to achieve If it's a sales brochure, what points are you pushing? if it's a production design, what attributes do you want to convey?

Step 5

Target Audience: Who are you trying to reach? Are you reaching them now? Explain any unusual or unique attributes about your audience.