Forensic Science Technician

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Job Description

  • Forensic science technicians examine and identify evidence
  • They can work in the city, county, state and/or federal crime laboratories
  • The requirement college degree is a bachelors degree in forensic science or a natural science, such as chemistry, biology, molecular biology and/or physics
  • The median annual wage is $55,360
  • They usually work a 40 hour week
  • They use the natural sciences to solve crimes
  • They are also are known as criminalist
  • Run many kinds of tests including DNA analysis
  • Sometimes use protective clothing
  • Forensic science technicians enjoy their jobs because they perform many different tests in the crime laboratory and each crime scene is different.

Pros and cons

  • Pros,

  1. They earn $55,360 and that's enough money too support yourself and a family
  2. They work in different verity of places so you can work where you like
  3. They work a 40 hour week which isn't that long
  • Cons,
  1. You might have to come in at anytime when there's a crime
  2. Crime scene investigation is stressful work
  3. You deal with a lot of chemicals which can be very dangerous

Highschool and college classes

High school,

English, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Statistics, Calculus, Physics.


Abnormal phycology,Anatomy, biology, calculus, chemistry, crime scene investigation, criminology, forensic anthropology, Physics, physiology, statistics

Forensic science technician

Have you ever wondered what a forensic science technicians does. Well a forensic science technician examines and identifies evidence that is collected and observed to be studied in the laboratory, they can work in city, state, and or federal crime laboratories, and work a 40 hour a week shift. To be one you have to have a bachelors degree. They earn $55,360 a year