Miss Culver's First Grade News

November 13, 2015


Math: This week we reviewed making 10 to add two numbers. We also learned how to add 3 numbers. We took our Topic 5 test today and will begin Topic 6: Subtraction Facts to 20 on Monday.

Reader's Workshop: This week was all about using pictures and text features in nonfiction books to learn new facts. For example, a picture of a dolphin with spots can teach us that some dolphins have spots. We loved noticing details in pictures to learn new things.

Writer's Workshop: This week we continued to write reviews. We wrote catchy introductions by asking questions to begin our review ("Have you seen the new Peanuts movie?") We also are creating an anthology of our reviews in the form of a class book.

Science/Social Studies: This week we began our weather unit. We have been tracking the weather each day on a special weather calendar. We made wind socks that have been catching the breeze in the front of our classroom. Next week we will begin learning about clouds!


This week we met with our buddies to talk about how the characters in Charlotte's Web use the 7 habits. We always love spending quality time with our 4th grade buddies!


-Tues Nov 17: Pick up cookie dough orders. Gym will be open from 4:00-6:30

-Tues Nov 17: McTeacher Night Fundraiser for PTA. Come see Miss Culver from 4-5 PM :)

-Tues Nov 24: Line Creek Spirit Day!

-Wed Nov 25, Thurs Nov 26 & Fri Nov 27: THANKSGIVING BREAK, NO SCHOOL


Next week we will follow this schedule:

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Library (bring back books)

Wednesday - P.E. (wear tennis shoes)

Thursday - Art

Friday - Music