The Terrific Toddlers

September 2015

We learned a lot of new stuff this month! We learned about circles, triangles, stars and apples. We learned some new songs and finger plays that we really enjoy! We also learned a little about ourselves. We can name our arms, legs, fingers, toes, head, shoulder, ears, nose, eyes and mouth.
We learned about our arms and legs by coloring a paper doll. We later painted paper doll clothes and pasted them to our doll.
One day it rained and we couldn't go out to play, so Ms Sheila and Ms Kim decided we could do something fun anyway, so we painted on the wall!!!! Wow, we had lots of fun
You can see, that we got to paint our stars yellow and Ms Kim hung them from the ceiling
Ms Kim and Ms Sheila read a book about stars to us at circle time. We are all so smart we were able to point to the stars on the pages of the book.
We enjoyed our "sticky squares". We got to stick them on paper, boy was that sticky!
Say hello to our future Cheerleaders, Hope and Elyse!
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This is just a little of how fun our September was. We can't wait for October!
Ms Sheila read a Big Apple book to us. It was all about how apples grow on trees and that Johnny Appleseed planted the seeds that made those trees grow. We also learned that not all apples are red, there are yellow and green ones too! We learned that we can make applesauce and apple pie from apples.