Newsletter week 8 Term 1

East Gore School 1st April 2021


The term is really flying by and it is hard to believe that we are into April today.

There is only a couple of weeks left until the school holidays with the last day of the term being Friday 16 April. We were lucky to have the Easter Bunny visit this morning, sprinkling eggs around the junior playground. This is just a reminder that school is closed tomorrow (Good Friday) for Easter. We also have Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday next week. We will be returning to school on Wednesday 7 April.

The staff are noticing the amount of bad language being used in the playground and some classrooms at the moment by some students. We are not tolerating this sort of language at all. Unfortunately, some students think it is ok to use it in their daily conversations. We will be making contact with parents of students who are consistently using bad language so we can work together to change the language to more positive choices.

I think the bike track has been a great success for our students and the wider school community. It is getting plenty of use during break times and I hear from a number of community members that it is well used after school and during the weekends. We really want to encourage students being active throughout the day and the pump track is definitely supporting this. The track is mostly used by scooters, however on a Tuesday or Thursday students can bring their bikes along and use the track instead. Students on bikes must wear a helmet.

Just a reminder to please look after each other and the school property if you are using the track and grounds outside of school hours. Mr Boyer doesn’t appreciate having to clean up the rubbish that some people are leaving around our school.

Ngā mihi o te Aranga me kia pai tō rā whakata (Happy Easter and have a great weekend).

Wendy Kitto



We welcome a new student to East Gore this week, in Room Kauri is Hazel. We hope that you have a wonderful time learning lots of new things at East Gore School. It is great to have you here.
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Joseph Mooney MP

This afternoon we are having a visit from Joseph Mooney, our local National MP. He asked for a visit to our school. While he is visiting I will give him a tour of the school and he will have the chance to hear our choir sing. Since he is visiting in the afternoon, I have invited him to join me at 3pm road patrol. If you want to meet or ask our local MP any questions, please speak to him at the gate. After this, he is speaking with the teaching staff about education in New Zealand. It isn’t very often we get to have an MP in our school and have the opportunity to speak with an MP about what is happening for us - so we are excited about this opportunity.

Room Totara

In Room Totara we have been enjoying Easter activities. Here is some art we completed to practice our cutting and colouring skills.

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Breakfast Club

Just a reminder Breakfast Club starts at 8:30am and finishes at 8:53.


We are still waiting for our 6 butterflies to hatch! Lets hope they wait till after the Easter break to spread their wings. 2 even decided to hang from the blind!

Upcoming Events

  • Easter Break 2nd - 6th April
  • April 7th - start back after Easter
  • April 9th - Assembly 2:30pm
  • April 16th - End of Term 1
  • May 3rd - Start Term 2

Community Notices

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