Nicholas Sparks

By:Leah Collier

Nicholas Sparks Biography

Nicholas was born December 31, 1965 in Omaha Nebraska. Sparks went to schools as a track star, and never thought about being a writer. Things had changed when he got a sports injury and wrote his first book, but never published it. Sparks has wrote 26 books, but only published 13. One of Sparks most famous books "The Walk to Remember" his inspiration was his younger sister Danielle who died of a brain tumor. While Sparks was trying to publish and sell his first book he was also working real estate appraisal, food services, food services, dental supply sales, and home restoration. His book "The Notebook" became the best selling book in the first week.
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The Last Song

The Last Song is about a girl named Ronnie and her brother Jonah who go to live with their dad for the summer, who left their family when she was little. She hates living their but ends up falling in love with a guy named Will. In the late end of summer her mother ends up coming to get Ronnie and her brother Jonah for a emergency involving her dad. Will she end up staying or will she leave.
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Dear John

John Tyree the main character falls in love with Savannah Curtis in one summer. But John departs for a mission in the army. They promise to keep in touch with letters they sent them for awhile, but Savannah stopped sending them. John ends up coming home for a family emergency, but also finds out why Savannah wasn't sending any letters back.
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Safe Haven

Katie Feldmen moves to North Carolina wanting to make a new life. She becomes a waitress she is soon in love with the small community. She falls in love with Alex and his children. Katie soon learns how to trust and love again because of them. A mysterious stranger comes and starts to talk and follow her, and her dark threatening past comes back to her. Read to find out who the mysterious stranger is who's following her.
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