The Rock Cycle


Description of the rock cycle

The rock cycle is a never ending cycle, that doesn't have a real order. It's just how rocks are made and how they change.

Types of rocks

sedimentary rocks

The rock pictured to the right is coal. Coal is a sedimentary rock. It's made of vegitation and minerals. Coal is a sedimentary rock because it was formed when pressure combined the materials it's made of. Coal can be found in many places in the world like, Asia, Oceania, Africa, The EU, South America, India, China, North America, and the former USSR.

Igneous rocks

The rock pictured to the left is obsidian. Obsidian is an igneous rock. It's a dark-colored volcanic glass made of cooled magma, or molten rock. It's an igneous rock because of how it's formed, igneous rock are made from cooled magma. Obsidian is normaly found on the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Metamorphic rocks

The rock pictured to the right is marble. Marble is a metamorphic. It's a Metamorphic rock because it was formed when heat and pressure turned a limestone rock into what it is. Marble is mostly made up of calcium carbonate. Marble is found in many mountain all over the world, but mostly in Italy, China, Turkey and Mexico, but also in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Spain, India, and in many parts of the United States, such as Vermont, Colorado, Tennessee and Alabama.