My Washington D.C. Trip

Crispell Middle School 2K16

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument stands at 555 feet tall and is a beautiful monument. The monument is two different colored stones because when they first started building they ran out of material and money so they stopped and continued later on when they afford it. This monument was built to honor George Washington, our first president. It represents the tribute and dedication he had to the military and how amazing of a leader Washington was.

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The Smithsonian Museums

There are seventeen Smithsonian Museums located in Washington D.C. , but I only had the chance to go two of them. The two I went to were the Natural History Museum and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Both of these museums are truly beautiful and good experience. The Natural History Museum was all about life on Earth and the creatures and minerals that are present, or were present on our planet. The National Zoo is also a part of this museum. You can fins so many different types of animals and creatures in the zoo. My favorite animal at the zoo was the panda, they were so adorable and fluffy! The Holocaust Memorial Museum really affected me in the way i see history. There is a segment of the museum about a young kid named Daniel. It talks about his life and family as this tragedy was going on. Also in this museum you learn information about the Holocaust and what effect it had on millions of people.

The US Capitol Building

This building is absolutely gorgeous, especially the rotunda. We got a tour of the building and our tour guide gave us a lot of information on how this building came to be. The rotunda is filled with amazing paintings, statues, and art. There is also a room called the National Statuary Hall Collection where statues are displayed to honor two individuals from each of the 50 states, but only 35 of this statues are on display in Washington D.C. The purpose of this beautiful building is to hold the House Of Representatives ad the US Senate. After our tour, we went down to the cafe and had our lunch, and the food was very good!

Arlington National Cemetery

This cemetery will truly move you, every tombstone and grave you see you will realize how many people died for us so we could live in peace and freedom. All of the tombstones are lined up in perfectly straight lines, no matter what angel you look at them. Some of the graves do not contain the ashes or the body, they are "In Memory Of" that person because their body was not bale to be located. Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in WWII, was also buried here. The Challenger Memorial is in honor of all of the astronauts that dies when the shuttle crashed. The Mast Of The USS Maine Memorial is to honor those who dies when the ship was sunken. In this In the cemetery there is a special tomb, called The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier. This is where the body parts of unidentified soldiers are buried in honor of them. Every half an hour the guard in front of the tomb will change, and ever moment, step, and movement is timed. Even though it is a very emotional and moving, it is an amazing sight to see.

The White House

The White House is where the President and his family live while he is in term. Also in this building the executive branch of the government is housed. This branch of government controls which laws are passed through the government and into the country. If the President wants the law to be passes, he will pass it. The White House offers tours of the building, but sadly we were not able to do that. But the architecture on this building is pretty amazing though!

The WWII and Iwo Jima Memorial

These are two of many beautiful and touching memorials. The WWII Memorial there all tall columns that go around a large fountain and they represent the 48 states, 7 territories, and the District of Columbia. There is also a wall full of stars, each star represents 100 Americans who lost their lives at war. All of those men and women are honored. The Iwo Jima Memorial is to honor all those who have fallen in the Battle Of Iwo Jima. This statue is on a large block and on top of the block are American soldiers who are raising a flag in Mount Suribachi.

The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial

These memorials were built to honor these two men and what they did for our country. The Lincoln Memorial stands 98 feet tall and was finished in 1922. This statue is made out of marble and took 8 years to construct (1914-1922). The Jefferson Memorial stands 122 feet tall and was finished in 1939. This memorial is made out of marble and bronze and it took about a year to construct.

My Group/Room

My group was amazing and we had a great time together!! The people in my group were (left to right) Amelia, Olivia, Cara, and me. Between walking around museums and the zoo to the hotel room there was never a dull moment. The hotel we stayed at, The Westin Washington Dulles Airport, was very nice, comfortable and a pleasure to stay at.
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The Bus Ride

The bus ride from Pine Bush NY to Washington DC is about 5 1/2 hours, but it felt like forever. Though overall the bus was very comfortable and our driver was very kind and always said hello and goodbye. I sat with all of mt friends at one point and we had a good time just laughing and joking around. There was one bad thing about the bus ride though, one of the buses broke down in Maryland on our way home so we had to pull over for a good 30 minutes until the bus was fixed. Both on the way there and on the way back we stopped at rest stops and they were pretty nice and had a lot of good food choices.

The Dinner Cruise

This was my favorite part of our trip to Washington DC. The boat ran down the Potomac River and went under many bridges. The food on the cruise was really good and once we were able to go onto the top deck it got really fun. They turned the music on and all of my friends and I danced and had a great time together!