There is no place like home

but what if the street was our home?

Why do homeless people buy alcohol with their money?

Homeless people buy alcohol because it makes them warm and comfortable or addiction.

How dangerous is it being homeless?

The dangers of being homeless are other homeless people, cold and hot weather,cars.

What about medicine and healthcare?

The Auckland city mission opened its doors to its new medical centre for homeless people to get better.

How do people become homeless?

People become homeless by getting kicked out,not paying rent,going broke,don't want to live in a house.

When will the food come?

From a homeless point of view, you never know when the food might come. The food came around main meal times for our classless day.

What is it like to be homeless?

I imagine being homeless would be creepy because bad people could kill you.It happened to Maqbool Hussain.

What if someone unexpected comes?

Someone unexpected did come our Te reo teacher, mums, lady from de paul house.

How hard is it to find food?

it would be hard because sometimes they have to dig though bins to find food because people think they are going to buy alcohol and cigarettes with there money that they give them.

What is it like to sit in the hot or cold?

I think it would be very hard especially if you live snowy place or somewhere as hot as Africa

How successful are homeless people at getting money?

Some times homeless people can earn around $200 a day

Where do homeless people go to the toilet?

You can go to the toilet in the bushes or in the public toilets.

How do they get food?

Some times they get food by digging through bins and some times begging.

How do they survive?

Homeless people survive on begging and sometimes when they live with friends they survive on their friends.

Flyer by Sarah Turkington Georgia Vodanovich and Mary McLean