Ben Franklin

Inventor, president, Father of electricity.

Childhood and early life

Ben Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He came from a family of 17 kids and his father was a soap maker. Ben wanted to do more than dip string into wax, he wanted to be creative, and thats what he did.


Ben Franklin is the father of electricity. He invented many things such as: bifocals, the stove, the rocking chair, the glass harmonica, and the electric rod. He had 10 jobs. A few were... A printer, a writer, a scientist, and an Inventor! that would be a great accomplishment!

Some of his inventions

important events

  • 1706, Ben Franklin was born.
  • 1730, he marries Deborah Franklin.
  • 1741, he makes the stove,
  • 1776, he helps write the decloration of independance.
  • 1790, he dies at the age of 84.

fun facts

  • Ben could speak 5 languages: English, french, Italian, Latin, and Spanish.
  • During an experiment, he was almost killed twice!
  • He invented the rocking chair.

what i learned from ben franklin...

I learned that Ben Franklin is very brave. He proved to the world that lightning is electricity. He helped so many people and created many different inventions that would be hard to live without. Ben franklin will always be admired for many things.