How to Use Power Bank?

How to Use Power Bank?

As currently popular portable storage device, the appearance of power bank greatly facilitates the daily us. There are varied types of high capacity power banks for digital equipment with different types and uses. Although as a device with single-function, the method to use is not complicated, but this is only for people familiar with digital products, if not familiar, then it may cause some security issues due to wrong use, as well as unnecessary trouble.

The first step, understand clearly the various components in power bank package and distinguish the role of power bank various interfaces. Distinguish which interface your device should use. For example, mobile phones and most devices can be connected to 5V 1A interfaces, while tablet pc and other large equipment will be charged faster if being connected to 2A interface. The interface of some laptops power bank is even more diverse. Regular power bank is marked. After making clear the interface adapted to the device, the device will not be damaged if the interface is wrongly connected.

The second step, currently the power bank will be equipped with many different conversion adapters. After selecting the adapter corresponding with your mobile phone, connecting the device and it can be charged. Of course, these interfaces are commonly used, generally it is best to use original mobile phone accessories, such as iPhone5, if it is convenient you can use the original data for charging the equipment.

The third step, power bank generally carries out automatically in the process of charging, press the power switch before starting. But the settings for various types of power bank are different; some may only charge for about 95 and then automatically stop because such use efficiency is the highest. Therefore, we need to select the power bank with overcharge protection; without this feature, charging will automatically stop, which will bring damage to the phone.

The fourth step, after normally used for a few times based on the capacity of power bank, you need to charge the power bank. Many people complain that the external battery factory does not provide charging connector. Because the power bank charging voltage is consistent with the phone, so you can use any one of the phone adapter at home for charging power bank, which don't have security issues. When charging power bank, except the larger capacity products require a dedicated charger to charge faster, generally use the phone charger. Of course, we can also connect to a computer USB port to charge, but generally the charging voltage of USB2.0 interface will have greater volatility based on computer usage, and the current is relatively small, the long-term use will cause damage to the batteries, therefore this method is not recommended.

The fifth step, some multi function power banks will have a number of other features such as LED lights, which are generally directly controlled through the power switch, press 2 seconds, or continuously press twice to turn on or off. For special features, we need to explore during use.

The sixth step is routine maintenance. General power bank self-discharge are relatively small, which can be normally placed for at about half a year, so it is necessary to charge power bank not being used every three months, which can guarantee the life of batteries. At the first use, the capacity of the power bank may appear wrong indicator because the internal batteries are not fully activated. Therefore, it is recommended that after the first use, carry out 2-3 times long time charging for the power bank, to ensure that the internal batteries are fully activated.