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Week of November 10, 2014

Principal's Message

The TEI focus for this week is Domain 4.3, Engages in professional development. In order to receive a proficient in this indicator the teacher must consistently engage in job-embedded professional development activities. Accurately self-reflect on practice and welcome feedback. This feedback must be implemented in the classroom consistently. Job-embedded professional development occurs during the workday and in the workplace and is :

• Closely connected to the actual work of teachers in classrooms with their current students.

• Designed to improve teachers’ instruction.

• Intended to improve student learning.

• Centered on the academic student needs of the school.

• Directly linked to the goals set for students by the team and school.

I hope that as you plan your lesson plans and as you reflect on the needs of your students you keep in mind the academic needs of our school, the SLO goals that you chose for your students and the Professional Development Plans that you selected. Our students deserve the best instruction possible. Let's be self-reflective and make the necessary adjustments so that they can be well prepared for their future.

Have a great week of shaping our future.

Real School Garden Design Competition

Our students will be able to help design our school garden. The top three designs will be presented at the Design and Dine event on December 2nd from 3:30-6:00. Teachers and staff you too can give ideas for our garden. The design should include a small pond, a shaded area that is open on all four sides, 7 vegetable beds, one for each grade level, one perennial bed, one herb bed, and a sand area for Earth Science exploration. More information will be shared on Monday.

Word of the Week

1B Impartial- Not prejudiced towards or against any particular side or party; fair; unbiased

Please have designated students in the office by 8:00 AM daily.

Quote of the Week:

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Coach's Corner

Knock Out Job!

Mrs. Gomez did a Knock-Out-Job this week with her review of the common assessment with students. She had them engaged in a discussion of strategies they used to solve Math problems, knowing that students have different learning styles and use different strategies for solving problems. The discussion was student lead and supported their learning of the content by demonstrating their knowledge and she was able to clear up any misconceptions.

Instructional News

“What does a teacher do when some students simply don’t get the daily learning target?”

Based on Marzano’s research, teachers must plan for what students don’t know, using 4 actions.

  1. Make sure students understand crucial vocabulary and basic facts.

  2. Make sure students understand basic relationships,

  3. Make sure students possess basic skills and processes.

  4. Make sure students possess illustrative mental models.

What’s your Plan?

What basic terms and facts do I assume that students already know, and what is my plan for students who don’t know them?

What basic relationships do I assume that students already know, and what’s my plan for students who don’t know them?

What basic skills and processes do I assume that students already have, and what is my plan for students who don’t have them.

What mental models do I assume do I assume that students already have, and what is my plan for students who don’t have them?


November 10: Student Holiday/Staff Development, Data Teams

November 11: Veterans Day/Grades for 2nd Six Weeks Due


November 12: Tutoring

November 13: Tutoring/Committees meet

Upcoming Events:

November 17: Reports cards issued/GC Meeting

November 19: SBDM meeting

November 21: American Indian Pot Luck/Fall Carnival 5:00-8:00

November 26-28 Thanksgiving Break

December 12: Science Projects Due