The Road to Perseverance

By: Sara Piggott

The meaning of Perseverance

Perseverance is when you have a adversity of a fear that you power though and don't give up on and over come it in the end!
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Jackie Robinson (Sequence)

It all began with Branch Rickey the coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers when he finally decided to talk to Jackie . First Branch Rickey asked Jackie Robinson the question of “Do you want to be on the team” . When the question was asked Jackie had many emotions like excited,and very speechless because he thought Branch Rickey was not telling the truth! After the question was asked is when Branch Rickey had to have a serious talk about all the “racial agitator” from the other teams and the crowd. After some time to think over the decision Robinson decided to join the team knowing that he will not be world wide accepted. Before Jackie knew it it was time for him to step out and bat. His first game was just the beginning of a long carrier for Jackie. Before the game started Jackie was terrified and nervous to the crowds reaction to when they saw him playing. But felt better when he got reminded by Branch Rickey that things will be all right. After he started paying he hit home base. Next his team was very supporting patting him on the back and saying “good job”, but Jackie could not block out the shouts in the crowd saying “get off the field” and others like “you aren't good enough”. He knew that he was good at baseball and that the crowd will keep going if he gives them a reaction and fights back so he had to learn to stay calm and just play his best and good things will come out of it. With this attitude and being resilient Jackie Robinson broke the color line in baseball! Now that the color line is broke there is still a bit of the color line left but still today Jackie Robinson is a idol and a big inspiration not only for African Americans but for all kids that are told they are not good enough!

Eleanor Rosavelt~Cause and Effect

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Losing To WIn~Problem/Solution

In a town in Tennessee called Carroll County it is a hard place to grow up for the kids. Most of the families their are either in poverty of unemployed. 12.3% of people are in poverty and a little over 19% of people are unemployed. This town luckily has a school called Carroll Academy . Not every kid can go there, the kids there were sent by the court, custody, or there regular high school. For the girls in this Academy there is a basketball team. Some of the girls have anger issues, abusing parents, or just drugs and alcohol in their houses, also some just feel morse . The basketball team called the lady jags haviie a losing streak of 212 games in a row. Even though there were many loses each time they did not succeed they learned a lesson like do not to get mad, try again next time, and not to yield. These are the lessons that they would learn and apply to their everyday life. The girls face many problems like they do not wanted to be on the team, and some even did not have a house to live in or parents to teach them wrong and right. That's why they needed to go to the Academy and the help of being on the team. The coaches of the team were great leaders ,confident, inspirational and they were kind to the girls. This helped the girls because the coaches became their role models and the players would follow as an adult. Also with every problem they would teach how to cope with it and what lessons to take out of the experience. In the school the main goal for the coaches and the teaches is to change a kids way of thinking and to hopefully send the girl back to their regular high school!!
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Kid Presedent~Discription

Robby Novak is best known as kid president. This is a name he got from his videos he posts online that he tells life lessons. He is an inspiration to all when he is in and out of his videos because he will tell you that it is ok to be different and also uses himself as an example because he has O.I. desease . Another trait about him is that he is a always a joyful kid to be around he will always have a smile on his face. He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta also known as O.I. If you have O.I. this is a disease where your bones are very brittle and break very easily. This Is the disease that Robbie has he has had this all his life since he was a little kid. In this disease Robby has had many adversities. For example because of O.I. he was put into the adoption process. This is one of the things that taught him to be brave also to never take advantage of what you have. He was adopted with his sister named Lexi and she also has the same disease and that's why both of the two got into this situation. Another time he had some trouble was all of the 70 bone breaks in his body. Sense he was little he had 70 bone breaks in his whole body. This was hard for him because physically you would be challenged and mentally. Physically because you would not be able to do some of your favorite activities, and also mentally because he had to face the fact that this is his life.Despite these adversities, he remains inspirational and very brave! Robby once said “Maybe one day we can all be Awesome to each other”This is saying that he wants one day people will “Awesome” to each other not just to each other but to him too!

Closing Paragraph

Perseverance is hard to get through but once you do you will find triumph in the end. Sometimes you will see someone persevere and leave to behave like that. If you see someone having trouble help them and good things will come out of it