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Our Mid-Month School Announcements

FEBRUARY 12, 2016

Dear BV Families,

In the January Trailblazer Tribune, we noted the importance placed on the emotional and social wellbeing of the students at Bridge Valley. Every classroom holds daily meetings in which teachers instill learning to learn skills that are displayed on the student progress reports. These skills such as perseverance, self-reflection, positive social interactions, problem solving, and collaboration are essential to success in school.

We know that you reinforce these skills outside of the school environment. To support this effort, we would like to share with you some resources.

One topic that continues to be discussed is guiding children to build positive friendships. Click Here for an article entitled, “How to Help Your Child Make Friendships.” This article provides seven tips from experts in child development.

On Thursday, February 18th the Positive Parent Series continues with a presentation by Dr. Jason Komasz, “Feeling Overscheduled?”. This presentation will provide practical advice on developing a healthy family routine.

Finally, we are suspending all homework next week. That’s right, ALL homework for ALL students in EVERY grade level. The purpose of this homework free week is to provide time for families to engage in stress reducing and relationship building family activities. With this found time, you might consider:

  • Making a meal together as a family focused on healthy eating habits

  • Playing a board game together that encourages collaboration and problem solving

  • Dedicating 30 minutes of time for the family to sit in the same room to read

  • Looking at family photo albums together and discussing traditions

Whatever you and your children decide to do during our homework break week, we hope you have a chance to try something out of your normal routine and enjoy your time.

We hope you find these resources valuable and beneficial!

Kevin Cochran and Kelly Carter

February Happenings:

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SCIENCE ALIVE Needs Volunteers!

To make this year a success, Science ALIVE is looking for volunteers!

To VOLUNTEER FOR YOUR CHILD’S CLASS LAB February 29th – March 4th- have fun doing prearranged experiments with your child’s class!


To VOLUNTEER as a CLASSROOM PRESENTER, Friday, March 5th – share a science topic of your choice with your child’s class!



Science Alive Donation Request

To learn more about Science Alive, visit the Bridge Valley Website at (under the “Home & School” “Activities” tab)

Celebrating 100 Days of School!

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Just Running!!

Just Running promotes exercise, good deeds and healthy nutrition. The program will be held every Wednesday, 3:30 - 4:30pm from March 30th to May 11th.

Students in 2nd - 6th grade are welcome to participate. To help make this another fun and successful season, we are looking for parent volunteers. You do not need to be a runner to help. If interested, please contact Bridget Loftus at Please look in upcoming Thursday Folders for more information about the program and how to register your child(ren).

Parent Positive Series

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Home and School Fundraiser at Jules!

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Middle School Orientation - Mark Your Calendars!

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Trailblazing the Arts at BVE!

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