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Overall score: 62.5 World Ranking: 73
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Population: 63.7 million

GDP: $2.3 trillion

GDP growth: 0.3%

GDP per capita: $35,784

unemployment: 10.5%

Inflation (CPI): 1.0%

Foreign Direct Investment: $4.9 billion

Legal System

France has an independent judiciary. Property in France is one of the most expensive in the world, despite the weak demand and slowing construction activity.

Competative Markets

France’s economic freedom has waned as the size and reach of government have expanded.A stagnating domestic economic environment has led to persistently high unemployment, particularly among young people, and structural deficiencies have suppressed dynamic private-sector expansion.

Limits on Government Regulation

Completing licensing requirements takes over three months on average. The rigid labor market lacks the capacity to generate more vibrant employment growth.

An Efficient Capital Market

The government screens foreign investment in some sectors. The competitive financial sector, dominated by banks, stable, and open to competition, offers a wide range of services.

Monetary Stability

France institutional strengths are strong protection of property rights and a relatively efficient legal framework, the French economy is diversified and modern. The entrepreneurial environment is generally facilitated by a sophisticated and relatively resilient financial sector.

Low Tax Rates

France’s top individual income tax rate is 45 percent, and its top corporate tax rate is 34.3 percent. Overall tax revenue equals about 45.3 percent of domestic income, and government spending equals 57.0 percent of gross domestic product.

Free Trade

France protects its film industry from competition and imposes quotas on the broadcast of foreign television shows and music.EU members have a 1.0 percent average tariff rate.
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