The Bay State

How did it get it's name?

It was named after an Algonquian tribe.


They got their money from trading fur, and lumber. They had fisheries, and they made ships.

Who are the Founders?

The founders are John Winthrop, and Thomas Dudley.

When Did it Become a State?

It became a state in February 6th, 1788.

The Tribe

One Indian or Native American tribe located there is the Wampanoag tribe.



Their main religion is the "Church of England". (They don't all follow this because they moved for religious freedom.)


Their region is the New England colonies

The Capital

The capital is Boston at 42n and 71w.

Why Settle Here?

They came for religious freedom, they wanted to escape the British, and they wanted to build a better life in the "New World".

Why Would and Wouldn't I want to Live here?

I would want to live there because they go down into history, along with all the other ones. I wouldn't want to live there because I would be in a war and it would be very cold.


The climate during the winter was very cold. They are also long. The summers are short and are mild temperature.

Fun Facts

1. Was the 6th state

2.The state flower is the Mayflower

3.Nickname is "The Bay State"

4.Name means "People of the Great Hills"

5.The cold winters reduced the spread of diseases

6.This is where the "Mayflower" landed

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The End

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