By: Nico Yut

The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cylce has many differant ways a rock can end up. For example a rock can become magma, a sedimentary rock, sediments, an igneos rock, and a metamorphic rock. Also each rock has a differant way it can be formed. Like for metamorphic its heat and pressure and for Igneous its cooling



  • It is formed through cooling of lava and magma.
  • You can find basalt on the ocean floor.
  • Its classified as an igneous rock if it has certain texture and mineral content. Also it has to be formed by cooling of lava and magma.

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Biotite Gneiss

  • Formed by heat & pressure
  • It is classified as metamorphic because it was formed by heat and pressure. Also its texture and composition.
  • It is found in sedimentary samples

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  • Formed from consolidated clay sediments.
  • It is found where there used to be small seas.
  • It's classified by how it was formed and how it was made (clastic, organic, or chemical).

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