Principal Praises

April 11, 2016

Janice Bukey ~ Principal, Bonneville Elementary

Parent Edition

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Fundraising Celebration Round 1!

Special thanks goes to Dana Bills for all her extra efforts with our school fundraiser. I approached Dana a few months ago, rather apprehensively, with a fundraiser proposal, including a rather elaborate plan for adding incentives to the fundraiser. I say apprehensively, because I knew it really meant that Dana would be doing most of the work. She would organize it. She would advertise it. She would track the chocolate going out and the money coming in. She would also be the one to keep track of who sold what, and who earns what in prizes. Because she's a "100%er," Dana rolled up her sleeves and set to work. She is always putting Bonneville's needs first, and I am very grateful for that can-do spirit and attitude! What is the purpose of the fundraiser? To help transform our media center and to enhance our playground. Thanks for helping us have a successful round 1 with our fundraiser! We finish up this week, and we will see if Mr. Bigelow & Gealta will end up being princesses for a day and whether or not Mr. Gealta and I will be eating snails! Yuck!
Assembly Montage

Fundraiser Facts

Please remind your students to turn in their money by Tuesday. Mrs. Bills will let you know who still has money out after Tuesday. Chocolate bars are also available to purchase in the office if you need your chocolate fix! We are well on our way to reaching our audacious goals!

Power-Up Writing

Thank you teachers for your power-up writing instruction the past two weeks. Your focused lessons have excited students, and it was apparent that many of them were ready to put that learning to use on their SAGE writing test! As I was in and out of classrooms, I was impressed with the level of commitment there was from teachers, not only on behalf of their own students, but for all students in their grade. Well-done! Here we go as we power-up for Language Arts!
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Bridging the Gap Food Distribution

Thank you Bonneville staff for helping our first distribution be a huge success! Thank you Catholic Community Services and Arby's for making possible a monthly food distribution for our Bonneville Bobcats. Once a month, students will receive 10 lbs of food each to take home and share with their families. For those families who do not need the food, they are invited to share their portion with another family, neighbor, the food bank, or they may leave it in the office for other students who might need it.
Bridging the Gap


At Bonneville, we are trying to develop a Peaceful Playground. Here is a reminder of one of the most important principles of Peaceful Playgrounds. Please review this with your students and remind them of their options for conflict resolution.


Appropriate social interaction requires that students are taught skills for dealing with playground problems and disagreements. Ideally, if a problem occurs, a child doesn't have to go to an adult to resolve it. Teaching students how to solve problems can be embedded in many curricular units and part of a school's social skills curriculum. The Peaceful Playground Program is designed to help youngsters develop negotiating and communication skills that will serve them in adulthood. Rather than having school yard supervisors intercede in playground conflicts, pupils learn to handle the matters themselves' For most situations students know that there are three options to resolve conflicts, WALK, TALK, PAPER-SCISSORS-ROCK. Walk away from the problem; 2) Talk together with whom they are having a problem until they reach an agreement; or 3) Use Paper, Scissors, Rock Game. These options work well with disputes over rule infractions.

lf the strife is the result of name calling, teasing or hitting, the pupils involved are asked to leave their play area and reminded that they must "work out" their disagreement before returning to the activity.

Instruction in conflict resolution should outline three steps:

  1. Discussion of who started the conflict.
  2. Clarify the incident.
  3. End with an apology.

Resolution usually comes quickly because students are eager to get back to their games. Having children resolve their own problems frees supervisors to do what they do best... look after the safety of all children on the playground.


  • SAGE Writing concludes
  • Teach Habit 7, Sharpen the Saw
  • Please remind ALEKS Club students to come each morning for their practice!
  • Send Reading Club students at 2:35
  • On time at school every day! :)

Dates to Remember

4/11-15 - SAGE Testing writing & LA

4/11-15 - Power Instruction LA

4/11 - Sunshine Club Lunch (We will have students come at their regular lunch time.)

4/11 - Reading Clinic

4/12 - Fundraiser Money due

4/13 - Reading Clinic

4/15 - Spirit Day