Grassland Biome Project

by Jimmy Morantes

Grassland Biome description

Grasslands are located in South America, North America, Eurasia and South Africa. The countries are ukraine, Russia, Argentina,and Uruguay. General characteristics is grass they have trees and so many rolling hills and animals.

Grassland Abiotic Factors

Grassland are hot and warm but in the winter it is cold. The temperature in grassland is 20 to 70 degree fahrenheit. The precipitation is 10 to 30 inches. grassland landforms are small hill, big hills, and rolling hills.

Biotic Factors

  • their animals are American Bald Eagle, Badger, Bobcat, Bumble bee, and coyotes
  • grasslands plants are Mikweed, Fleabane, June Grass, and Indian Grass.

Ecological concerns or issues

Grasslands are being unsafe because humans are making farms and killing animals that are illegal. Humans are making schools, cities, roads,

grassland catastrophic events are droughts and great dust storm animals died and plants.