Macbeth Corrupted By Power

Kills many and goes crazy

Macbeth: Willing to Kill Anyone Who Gets In His Way

Macbeth, the great General of our armies and thane to our people has now become king! Although, a misleading series events has come up and caused people to question how our king gained his power. After the murder of his cousin, our former King (Duncan), more "unrelated" murders have surfaced, such as the murder of Banquo, our king's former Lieutenant, and the family of Macduff. Could Macbeth, our king, have done these things in his rise to power?

Doctors Leak King's Medical Information

The castle doctors have leaked that Macbeth, our king, has visited them due to horrific visions of bloodied men who are known to be dead and also visions of daggers. Could it be that our King is unraveling and is becoming unstable? I believe that these are visions brought about by guilt from the horrible acts that he has committed.