Book By: Patricia McCormick Project By: Mackenzie Roberts

History of the Book

This book has not actually been censored/banned but it was challenged when it came out, due to adult content. Involving prostitution of young women in the Red Light Districts. Parents of kids did not want their kids reading this book because the sexually explicit content. This book was challenged in the United States.


The reason that the author wrote this book was because she wanted to spread awareness of what is happening to young women. She visited and talked to women who have escaped the Red Light District so she could get a feel of what they went through everyday. I think Patricia McCormick decided to write this book to spread awareness of what is happening. I think this book is important to read because it shows you how different other cultures are than the American culture. It also allows you to learn about other cultures.

My Side

I believe that there is valid reasons that people believe this book should be banned but I believe it should just be in elementary schools. I think this because some of the concepts in this book are way to high for elementary school students and also very inappropriate for them to be reading. I believe that kids in middle school or higher would be mature enough to read this and gain knowledge of other cultures from it.


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