Pursuing our Passions

Learners lead themselves to mastery


Learners became interested in performing a song. They wrote the lyrics in rough draft, final draft, and practiced until ready to perform.

Also, another learner observed this 3-day progression and found an app called "Little Story Creator." He used the app to record several auditions of the song and the progression. It was awesome!

Ninjatastic song


What boy doesn't love legos??? These boys have really stretching my thinking as a lead learner. Wanting to follow their interests, I asked myself how do I connect lego building to standards? Well....Here is one way! The group that worked together to build these were also charged with the responsibility to use digital tools to record a story.

The writing standard is as follows...1.28. With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers. [W.1.6]



Mrs. "Art" Davis has been working with our family on making pufferfish. They will be included in our Community Aquarium and later, in ocean fact books.

Inaugural playground fun!!!

Our Ocean is going strong and gaining momentum

The diver that we have been working on is hung and ready to be joined by an octopus, sharks, fish, coral, polar bears and other sea life.
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Feb. 8-12-KINDNESS week (see flyer)

Feb. 12-Valentine's Party-12:30-1:15 (all are welcome)

Feb. 15-No School-Professional Development Day

Feb. 17-March Madness Kickoff

Feb. 22-Field Trip-"Let's Pretend Hospital"

Feb. 26-120th Day of School

March 21-25 -Spring Break

April 20-Field Trip-Lanark (more info. coming)