Cougar Call

Volume 2, Issue 2


Recently, the teachers at my Sunday school class have been discussing the worth that we all have in Christ. Society today puts much emphasis on what we look like, dress like, who we hang out with, our relationship status, and the material things we own. While having these things is not bad, we need to check where our hearts are. Is your worth in the clothes you own? Will you ever have enough clothes? Is your worth in your sport’s talent? You won’t play perfectly all the time. Is your worth in that boyfriend/ girlfriend? He/she will fail you. We can get down on ourselves until we realize an important fact. “But God demonstrates His own love towards us in this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”-Romans 5:8. Christ left his heavenly home to die for you and become an atonement for your sins. You are enough! God still wants you even though you fail, even when you sin. It sounds crazy I know, but it is how God shows us His perfect love. That is where your worth needs to be. “God does not love you because you are enough; you are enough because He loves you.”- Kate Conner.

By: Mikayla Rigsby

Friday Night Lights

This years’ football team has made much improvement since spring practice. Although the team fell to Gatewood on the first game of the season, the team is continuing to improve and work hard. Head Coach, Wes Tanner, said he is proud of the teams’ effort, but we have had to “correct” some effort issues. Coach Tanner says he does feel like the team has sorted those problems out already. When Coach Tanner was asked about some improvements that needed to take place, he stated “Some improvements that we need to make would be knowing one's assignments, playing through the whistle, and not waiting on the person beside us to make the play first.”

From last year, the team has had some improvements. It was hard to fill in the spots of the seniors from last year. Coach Tanner said that two people who have really improved this year are underclassman, Logan Conner, and upperclassman, Nolan Cleary. The Cougars are still in the process of figuring out which upperclassman is going to step up and be the leader of the team.

The teams’ goals this year are to win another region championship, and to achieve the unfinished goal of a state championship from last year. Coach Tanner seems to think that outside of region games, some big competitors this year will be John Milledge Academy (Cougar lost this game 35-20), Briarwood, Georgia Christian and Windsor, but in our region, Flint River Academy will be the biggest competition the team will face. Coach Tanner said “My expectations for the rest of the year are to have great effort, to get healthy, and to progress to a state contender."

In order to win games, the team needs to become healthy again. With four linemen out, the coaches are still expecting the healthy team members to keep grinding. Coach Tanner stated, “Since we are down four men on our line, it is all about the next man up. If anyone is to go down on the field, no matter the position, the next man in line has to step up and get the job done.”

The team faced Bethlehem Christian Academy on August 28th. The game had its up and downs. Coach Tanner said, “We played better at times rather than the others. We as a team and coaching staff still have a long way to go, but we are getting there. We all knew it was going to be a process and everything is indicating that we are headed in the right direction." The final score to the game was 28-14.

On September 4th, Piedmont earned a big win against Griffin Christian, with the score being 57-0. Caitlyn Young, the team’s first varsity female football player, successfully kicked her first extra point attempt and finished the night 7-of-8. She teams with center Nolan Cleary and holder Michael Edwards on the point after tries. Coach Tanner thinks this game will boost her confidence a little more throughout the season.

Piedmont scored 22 points in the first quarter and added 28 more in the game’s second 12 minutes. Tanner was able to get all team members valuable playing time during the game. It was an overall great game experience for the team, especially the younger members who are looking to get better.

On September 9th, the Cougars played Monsignor Donovan. Mon Don struggles with having a team, as they just created their football program last year. The Rams lost 63-0 to the Cougars. The Cougars were supported by a student section who decided to dress with the team and go with the theme of a “Black Out.” Senior Clay Kirkpatrick made his first appearance in the season, after being out with a torn meniscus and having to undergo surgery in the beginning of the year. The team did great on offense and had an outstanding defense in the game.

The student section had a Hawaiian theme against John Milledge, but the Cougars fell to the larger John Milledge team.

By: Haley Tyler


Piedmont Academy sophomore, Caitlyn Young, will undertake a new challenge in her life this fall by place kicking for the gridiron Cougars. Young, who turns “sweet sixteen” in September has been an avid soccer player since the age of three and has always made sports an intricate part of her life, but first and foremost, she is a honor-roll student. Caitlyn is the daughter of Jeremy and Erica Young of Covington.

In addition to soccer, Caitlyn cheers on the school’s competition cheer squad and will continue cheering, but must give up the sideline cheer squad to be the football team’s field goal kicker. Caitlyn was asked, what she would do if tackled and replied “I would lie there and act like it didn’t happen.”

Caitlin' sudden rise to kicker all came about after the first game of the 2015 season when she approached Coach Wes Tanner and asked if she could try place kicking. Caitlyn did try out and was accepted by the team as their new place kicker. Coach Tanner asked her if she would consider the challenge and she replied, “Yes!”

Kicking field goals is nothing new to Caitlyn. She helped her older brother, Chase, a 2015 Piedmont graduate, as he practiced kicking for the Cougars. Caitlyn said “It’s a really cool feeling to follow in the footsteps of my brother, and everyone expects me to do well.” Also, Caitlin is a passionate soccer player, Chase, Caitlin’s brother, was asked by Piedmont’s coaches if he would kick for the team during his senior year. Chase attempted extra points 72 times and made 71 giving him a 98.6% success rate. He attempted three field goals during the season and made all three. Chase accepted a scholarship to Huntington College in Montgomery, Alabama, where he will be kicking for the Hawks, so Caitlyn finds herself trying to match and exceed her older brother’s tremendous accomplishments.

Caitlyn is very excited about this opportunity and the football season, but she is also a bit nervous. When she was asked about what she was nervous about she said “I’m most nervous about missing the field goal.” Her daily routine will include both practices for kicking and competition cheer practice each afternoon. For now, she will concentrate on field goals, but eventually she hopes to add kickoffs and punt returns. Caitlyn admits wearing a helmet improved her kicking accuracy because it helps her with concentration. Best wishes to a young lady who is brave, adventurous, and pretty inside and out. Look for Caitlyn who will be wearing jersey #17.

By: Lauren Bernard and Judy Nelson

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The Lady Cougars Remain on the Diamonds

The Lady Cougars are on a rampage destroying any opponent who dares to challenge them. The Cougars have put away everyone who has challenged them on their home turf. They’ve also won every game this season except John Milledge because of an unfinished game.

Region play for the Lady Cougars started on 9-16-15. For the first round of region, the Lady Cougars faced off against Flint River at Flint River. The Lady Cougars were on fire as they won 8-3 win. Neely Bradford hit two homeruns and would have had a 3rd if it hadn’t been caught over the fence. Neely finished the game going 3-for-4 with two homeruns and two RBI’s. Hailey Hooper and Madison Johnson also each had a homerun a piece. Defensively, Maddie Morton pitched for the Cougars for 6 innings and Neely Bradford came in for the 7th. Morton allowed only five hits while striking out two batters and walking two batters. In the 7th, Bradford struck out one and didn’t allow a hit. The Lady Cougars played LaGrange at home on the 17th. The Lady Cougars defeated the Warriors in only 4 innings with the score being 12-0. Neely Bradford added another homerun to the books. The Lady Cougars did well offensively and defensively with few errors throughout the four innings. The Lady Cougars are 2-0 in region play, and will resume region play Tuesday, September 22 and will host Flint River here at home. They will then travel to play LaGrange away the following day. We wish best of luck to the Lady Cougars as they complete their games and accomplish their goals!

By: Joseph Anderson

Danger: Cheerleaders at Play

What does it take to be a Piedmont Academy cheerleader? It takes perseverance, endurance, and skill. You may think that cheerleading is cheerleading, sideline or competition, but they are two different activities. Sideline cheerleading is where you go out and cheer on your school's team and get the crowd pumped up and excited. Competition, however, is where different teams go out to different schools and compete and show off their routines. Piedmont Academy’s competition squad consists of eleven talented young girls ranging from grades 8-12 with one senior on the team.

Competition cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports believe it or not. “A recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics in October found that cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for females because of the high risk for concussions and 'catastrophic' injuries, which are classified as injuries that result in long-term medical conditions, permanent disabilities or a shorter lifespan.” A recent article from says that there have actually been cases where some cheerleaders have died or became paralyzed due to a girl falling or making one tiny mistake.

A cheer routine consists of standing tumbling, elite stunts, jumps, running tumbling, a pyramid, and a dance which must fit into two minutes and thirty seconds. While concentrating on tumbling and stunts a cheerleader also has to keep the crowd entertained. You’re probably wondering, if this sport is so dangerous and many cheerleaders get hurt why would they keep doing it? It’s honestly for the love of cheerleading. Some of our very own cheerleaders have gotten hurt. Emma Kate Edmonds, 10th grade, hurt her wrist and now has to wear a brace. She hurt her wrist while tumbling and doing basket tosses. “Why do you continue to cheer after hurting yourself?” I asked her. “Because I love to cheer.” She replied. I have hurt myself (the author) while tumbling and had to get surgery, but the love for the sport is so strong I could never quit. Our competition cheer team is about to enter their competition season. The first competition is on the 26th of this month at Grayson High School in Loganville. Our cheerleaders would love to see many supporters from our student body at the competition to cheer them on

By: Sydney Reardon

The Clay Crushing Cougars

On Saturday the 29th, the Cougar’s shotgun team held a fundraiser to raise money for shells and other items. There were 54 shooters and even more people there playing games and cheering people on. The event raised around $2,300. There were door prizes and three guns given away as prizes. One gun was awarded for hitting the most targets. Another gun was given away in a side competition. The final gun was given away in a raffle.

On Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th, there was a shotgun competition at Old Hudson Plantation. The Cougars placed third in the competition. Mitch Marsh placed 1st for the Cougars. Hunter Whiting got 2nd in the meet and Zachary Sanders got 3rd. The next shotgun competition will be on Saturday, September the 26th. The Clay Crushing Cougars placed 3rd of 15 schools.

By: Joseph Anderson

Student Council is BACK!

The 2015-2016 High School Student Council has been elected to start off the year. The President is Matti Smith, Vice President is Chris McClain, Secretary is Grayson Bradley, and the Treasurer is Kade Mitcham. For the class representatives, in 12th grade, representatives are Haley Tyler, Summer Collins and Morgan Leach; in 11th grade the reps are Mack Brady, Maddie Mooneyham and Brice Dodson; 10th grade reps are Morgan Spivey, Jackson Waddleton, and Talon Anglin; and for the 9th grade the representatives are Maddie Morton, Caden Clark, and Gracie Hunt.

The Student Council is in charge of events such as May Day, service projects, and other events like our upcoming Homecoming Court and Spirit Week.

Student Council will be preparing for Homecoming and Spirit Week throughout the next weeks. Spirit Week is a time where the whole school has a time to dress to themes that go with each day.

This year’s Homecoming Court was chosen by each class, but Miss Cougar was chosen by the football team. The court consists of:

Miss Cougar- Matti Smith

12th grade representatives: Haley Tyler, Alicia Peek, and Bridgette Phillips

11th grade representatives: Ashley Jonson and Grace Roberts

10th grade representatives: Kylie Garner and Grayson Bradley

9th grade representatives: Sydney Davis, Maddie Morton, and Lawton Harris

The senior class voted for the 1st grade mascots, and the 2015-2016 mascots will be Carley Maddox and Jake Adamson.

During Homecoming Week, the whole school will participate in Spirit Week. During this week, the Student Council will also be selling goodies.

Monday will be “Merica Monday” and they will sell Muffins

Tuesday will be “Nerd VS. Jock” and they will sell Taffy

Wednesday will be “Costume Day” and they will sell Whoppers

Thursday will be “Senior Citizen Day” and Twix will be sold

Friday will be “Extreme Spirit” and they will sell Fun Dip

That Friday will be a half day

Student Council is very excited to plan these events, and make them the best yet!

By: Haley Tyler

The Cards of Fate

The One Act Play cast is very excited to perform their new play,Cards of Fate, that will be November 5th. Mrs. Mary Ramsdell is the director for the play this year. It’s her first time directing One Act, and she has many expectations. She wants everyone to have fun, build confidence, and have teamwork. The play is a dark comedy game show, but Mrs. Mary doesn’t want to give out too many details. The play is going to be good. I asked Mrs. Mary if she thought PAC would win state and she said, “I don’t know, but if we work hard and have fun we’re winners.” If PAC does win, there will be another presentation of Cards of Fate November 19th at State Competition.

By: Savannah Mote

See You at the Pole

Every year, over three million students across the nation gather at the flag pole before class to pray over their school, leaders, and nation. “See You at the Pole” is always held on the fourth Wednesday of each September. SYATP all started in 1990 in Burleson, Texas by a group of teenagers on fire for God. On a Saturday, the students drove to three different schools and prayed at the flagpoles. Soon a challenge rang out, and forty-five thousand students across Texas prayed simultaneously at their schools’ flagpoles on September 12, 1990. The news of the challenge spread to all parts of the U.S. by storm. At 7:00 a.m., an estimated one million students across the country gathered at their schools’ flagpoles on September 11, 1991. They prayed over all aspects of their lives. The founders of “See You at the Pole Day” never knew that God had a huge plan in store. I hope everyone will join the Piedmont Academy Y-Club to lift students up in prayer on September 23, 2015 before school. See you at the pole!

By: Mikayla Rigsby

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Dunkin' Donuts VS. Starbucks Coffee

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Paws at a Glance


· fall pictures

· Varsity softball VS. LaGrange- home- @5:00


· Varsity football VS. John Milledge Academy- home- @7:30


· Varsity softball @ Brentwood- tournament- @12, 2, 4


· Middle school softball VS. Gatewood- home- @4:30

· Varsity softball VS. Gatewood- home @6:00


· Middle school softball VS. Flintriver- home- @4:30

· Varsity Softball VS. Flintriver- Home @6:00

· Elementary softall VS. Brentwood- away- @6:00


· Y-Club hosts “See You At The Pole”


· Middle school softball VS. Briarwood- home- @4:30

· Middle school football VS. Briarwood- home- @6:00

· Varsity Softball VS. Briarwood- home - *Senior Night*- @6:00


· Varsity Football VS. Windsor- away- @7:30


· Shotgun meet @ Tom Lowe Woodword

· Middle school softball tournament @ John Milledge Academy

· Cheer competition @ Monroe Area High School


· Book fair


· Middle school softball VS. Westfield- home- @5:00

· Varsity softball VS. Westfield – home- @7:00

By By: Haley Tyler