understanding feelings

by: Alec

My way of speech

Have you ever been wanting to know what facial expressions mean on other people? You will know it comes naturally, if you look to the right of this paragraph you will see a face and be able to know how they are feeling. Just picture an angry old man in your head and then you will see the old man there you go you can tell facial expressions.

I Am Happy

what do you get when you help someone, get over with homework, or finishing your chores? I like to call that happiness, that warm feeling that makes you heart warm up, well ya that is that feeling. most processes to get to happy is usually called the process called frustration like finally getting enough money to pay the bills because to be able to pay the bills means you usually have to work for the money because some random person wouldn't come up to you and give you 2,000 dollars(They usually want to keep it) in the process of getting money you are going to be frustrated.