St.Louis Rams

By: Adam Arnold & Sean Snyder

Who was the Rams first draft pick in 2002 draft?

Robert Thomas. Thomas was a linebacker out of UCLA.

Who was the first coach of the St.Louis Rams?

The first coach of the St.Louis Rams was Rich Brooks who before coaching for the Rams coached for the University of Oregon.

Who was the Ram's Offensive Coordinator for the 1999 season?

The Ram's Offensive Coordinator in the 99 season was Mike Martz and after that season the head coach of the Rams retired which then they promoted Mike Martz to head coach position.

Why did Kurt Warner wear the jersey number 13?

He originally wanted the number 12 because that's what his jersey number was when he played in high school but when he went to college someone else had that number so they picked the closest number to it which was 13 and that was the jersey number he used for the rest of his career.

Who was the first team to beat the St.Louis Rams in 2001 season?

The first team to beat the St.Louis Rams was the New Orleans Saints in week 7 and then in week 11 Tampa Bay beat them which made the St.Louis rams record 14-2 in the regular season