Bitter Sweet

Does low fat food actually help you on your diet?

Low Fat Food and How Sugar Effects Us

Have you ever gone to a supermarket to buy low fat milk or yoghurt? Well, you might think it is low on fat like it says but it is actually higher in sugar which will make you fatter if you don't exercise.

Sugar is a carbohydrate that gives you energy to move and live. Too much sugar will not only grow as fat, sugar an make you obese or get diabetes. In 1970, people began to be more obese and more sick because of too much fat. This was the beginning of low fat food. People started to eat it, but stopped immediately because it didn't taste good at all. So, scientists put more sugar in low fat food. Most people will be shocked to know that low fat food might not have much fat but it has a lot of sugar which will be fat it you don't exercise. If you are on a diet and realise that you are getting fatter, eat low fat food but make sure you exercise often to keep from getting obese or diseases!

Below is a video from BTN about this matter.