Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- April 6, 2018

Week at a Glance

Reading- We've spent the week learning about various poetry terms and analyzing poems. Some of the terms we've learned are stanza, line, rhyme, and point of view.

Math- We're digging into geometry with unit 6 of Bridges. We've really focused on attributes of shapes this week and were able to build different shapes using tangrams. Our E4Tech module is also about area & perimeter, so we're getting a "double dose" of geometry. :)

Science- When students arrived on Tuesday they immediately noticed we had some creepy, crawly friends in our classroom- caterpillars!! We are observing and investigating the life cycle of a butterfly to take note of how adults differ from young, as well as how animals/insects look different depending on the stage of its life.

The context of our E4Tech lessons this module is shipwrecks on Lake Erie. Through this we've been learning about NOAA and discussing how scientists investigate shipwrecks and the importance of unmanned systems to keep wildlife and plants safe.

Social Studies- Mrs. Bush is volunteering her time every week for Junior Achievement. Through this program students learn about budgeting, community, and economics.

Writing- We're still working on our informational writing and I am SO impressed with the revising students have done based on our mini lessons. This week we focused on writers being researchers. We learned that even fiction writers may have to do some research! We also learned the importance of putting research into our own words or using quotation marks.

Homework Menu is Back!! Click here to view the homework menu for the week.

Class Picture

We had our class picture on Thursday. Forms went home before break, but I noticed not many were returned. If you are still interested in purchasing a class picture, they will accept orders through next week.


A parent informed me of an upcoming event that students may be interested in, MakerX. I'm not sure how kid friendly the event is, but the schedule mentions many things that will interest students that we've dabbled with in class.

  • Form 5 Prosthetics will be there (the founder spoke with us a few years ago)
  • Arduino workshop w/ COSI (we will be using arduino boards for our robots soon)
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Robotics Challenge
  • Underwater Robotics (goes right along with our E4Tech lessons!)

Tickets are FREE for kids and only $5 for adults, if you're interested here is the link:

OST Testing

We will be taking the reading OST test on April 24th & 25.

We will be taking the math OST test on May 1 & 2.

The best test prep you can do is be sure your child gets to bed early the night before, has a stress-free morning and eats breakfast! :)