August All'star Meeting

Thanks for joining us!

Welcome and introductions

Hello! Please take a moment to share your name, who your upline is and where you are from! Tell us a bit about YOU! What drew YOU to All'asta?


Things to look for On The Spot!

Notes from Kerry Shea… On ends and beginnings

Mystery Bag Flyer

Product Story Tags – Now Available!


  • Polka Dot Bowls #1070 (expected arrival August 13, 2014)
  • Bermuda Bangle Charm “M” #5072
  • Bermuda Bangle Charm “B” #5061
  • Three Bird Nest (story is on the Spot)

  • Don't forget we have our Connecting Call every Wednesday at 12EDT (10 for us)

  • Also, this month's NCTrainings are tomorrow, Wed 8:30 EDT and

  • Wed 20th at 1PM EDT These calls are NOT recorded

Next BusOp call is on August 19th at 8PM EDT Have your folks register!

Remember! The last day to order your feature kit is Friday August 22nd!

Don't foreget our AMAZING HOSTESS SPECIAL FOR AUGUST! Double Hostess Points! PLUS the opportunity to get BOTH of our hostess exclusives with a $350 party!

Changes in the Mystery Bag program! It is now $40 for $60 worth of product and it is ONLY available with purchase!

REPLICATED WEBSITE ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! WOOHOOOO! Free for now, please use your name when setting yours up. You may NOT use words like "Alla'sta" or "Sell" or "Join" Company wants us to use just our names.

Montly Recognition!

Promotions in June!

Laurie ProbsdorferSenior Director

DonnaMarie TyreeDirector

Carrie PetersonDirector

Julianne BucherDirector

Renee StithDirector

Angela GallowayDirector Promotion Bonus ($1,000)

Mandy PughSr. Consultant

Please Raise your hand and tell us if you recruited someone in June and or July and how many!

As a company we added over 150 new consultants in July! It's going to be SUPER important that we help folks hit their Fast Starts! Please check out our NEW Fast Start Program on The Spot! There is a chance for Sponsors to earn a $100 bonus for folks Hitting their FS Goals!

Speaking of Fast Start Earners! The following people hit at least ONE portion of their Fast Start in June or July!

Elizabeth Snider Earned ALL three MONTHS!

TOP PARTY FOR JULY: Ami Tieman with $818

Ami Tieman $1134.28
Donna Marie Tyree $ 1021.00
Kaz Aylott $ 949.64

Top Recruiter for July: Heather McCarty with 4!

Please Welcome to the All'star team:
Julie Foster-lp
Ella Vandenlangenberg-lp
Susan Kildahl-ka
Becky Narlinger-ka
Joyce Vollersten-lj
Becky Farias-hm
Shana Johnson-hm
Meredith Bagwell-hm
Melissa Quinn-hm
Debbie Parr Noblitt-lp
Debbie Glasheen-lp
Debra Anderson-lp
Laura Daly-lp
Christie Ernst-lp
Rosemary Liden-lp
Martina Leis-lp

The Gathering Recognition

Some recognition from The Gathering! You will see a LOT of familiar names!
The Gathering – Cheers Cheers!

It brings us pure joy to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments in what has been an amazing and record breaking year here at All’asta. We are so proud ~ cheers to you!


The criteria: $15000+ personal sales, 8+PEQAS, $100,000+ team sales = Balanced Leadership.
Congratulations to:
Laurie Probsdorfer ($20,808 personal sales, 10 PEQAs, & $154,000 in team sales)
Inza Duchi: ($19,168 personal sales, 8 PEQAs, & $110,000 in team sales

Congratulations to those who promoted to Senior Director. To promote to Senior Director, you need 4+ PEQAs, 2 Generation 0 Directors, $1000 in personal sales, $4000 in PS + G0 teams sales, and $12,000 in PS+G0+G1 team sales.
Laurie Probsdorfer
Lori Phillips

Congratulations to the following Consultants who promoted to Director this year. To promote to Director, you need 4+ PEQAs, a minimum of $750 in personal sales each month, and team sales greater than $4000.
Julianne Bucher
Inza Duchi
Amanda Friedman Mascio
Angela Galloway
Jenny McCreary
Carrie Peterson
Lori Phillips
Sara Saleet
Renee Stith
Donna Marie Tyree

Senior Consultant
Congratulations to the following Consultants who promoted to Senior Consultant this year. They are active in their business and have taken the time to not only recruit but also sponsor and qualify at least 2 others.
Kaz Aylott
Kelley Blessing
Jennifer Boleen
Julianne Bucher
Rebecca Crowe
Inza Duchi
Angela Galloway
Nicole Hanes
Heather Hass
Jeaninne Melton
Karen-lyn Parker
Carrie Peterson
Kim Powell
Mandy Pugh
Sara Saleet
Brenda Shiflett
Renee Stith
Donna Marie Tyree


August is the start of your selling seaons. The hottest season for ALL of us! Everyone should have at LEAST 4 parties on their books by now for this month! Please take a moment to share your FAVORITE booking strategy! Tell us how YOU get your calendar filled and how you make SURE those parties HOLD!

Let's take a look at the new products!