Husky Happenings

Week of May 18th

Note from Ms. Pratt

Hello, Husky families. I hope this week's update finds everyone doing well. This is just a reminder that we will not be sending any new classroom assignments after May 22nd. Teachers will still be engaging with students virtually or by phone between May 26th and June 5th, however there will be no additional required assignments. As we wrap up the school year, teachers are working on providing feedback to you regarding your child's educational performance this year. Expect to hear from your child's teacher in the upcoming weeks to schedule a time to go over this feedback with you. We have had some questions about chromebook returns and picking up your child's materials from school. More directions for both of those things will be coming soon. Take care and stay healthy. We miss you!

Self-Care for Families

We know that families are facing challenges right now. Employment, engaging with school virtually through the end of the academic year, and adjusting to big changes to name just a few. We'd like to share some ways your family can practice healthy activities to cope with the stress of the times...this is self care for families!

Never underestimate the power of play, not just for kids but also adults in the family! Play builds motor skills, social skills, and is just plain fun. Embracing and cultivating joy is important in times of stress. Here are a few play activities you can do as a family at home.

These ideas were shared by Carolina Pediatric Therapy in their "Power of Play" series! These ideas have been developed by Speech and Occupational Therapists on the Carolina Pediatric team. You can visit their website to sign up for their email alerts and receive these ideas in your inbox.

Kick Ball Bowling

This activity addresses ball skills, balance, and coordination. Materials needed: A ball and "pins"

Set up "pins" however you like (the closer together the smaller the target). You can use toy figurines, empty paper towel rolls, stacked blocks, or other standing toys that would be fun to knock down!

Kick the ball to knock them over! And repeat! If it is too easy, try rolling the ball to your child instead.

This activity can use language skills and social skills to work on counting the number of pins/toys your child has knocked down on each kick, identifying the colors or naming the toys they knock down, taking turns with a sibling or parent, and more!

Marker Match-Up

Markers can be so much fun! Take any markers, remove the tops and mix them up. Have your child find the matching tops and put them back together again. This activity works on color matching, sorting, and fine motor skills! Super simple!

Handwriting Prompts

Copying sentences can be a monotonous task for many kids. You can help promote engagement in writing activities by first having your child creatively build using toys, blocks, or any available items. Then help your child generate simple sentences about their creation and write them down. This helps warm up the eyes and hands prior to writing and develops creative thinking skills. Kids learn quicker when they are interested and motivated and creating their own writing prompts goes a long way towards making that happen!

Stronger Together

We are stronger together. If your family facing obstacles in accessing food or mental health support, your village is here to help.

May is Mental Health Month. Our mental wellness is a vital part of our overall health. Check out this Mental Health Guide for students and families coping with stress related to COVID-19.

MANNA Mobile Market Food Distribution

May 20, 2020 from 4:00-6:00 pm

MANNA Food Bank is hosting a Mobile Market at Conner Creek Mobile Home Park (20 Ducks Walk Trail, Hendersonville).This is a contactless, drive through event FREE to all – no questions asked. There will be fruit, vegetables, and produce items.

NC from Home

Take a walk in the woods with a ranger from our local Holmes Educational State Forest. Join along and find wildflowers and other springtime observations.