South Dakota

By Jameson and Trina

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Farming is mostly in South Dakota. Farming in South Dakota covers about 90% of the land and sunflowers are one of South Dakotas major crops. Flat grassy plains and rolling hills are mostly in the state. Did you know that glaciers created the land?

The Missouri River almost divides South Dakota in half! The largest lake in the state is in the Missouri River. In the state there are some major rivers, also did you know that wind and water shape South Dakotas badlands? Buttes are located north-western parts and the black hills are in the western boarders.

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Fun facts

These are some interesting facts about South Dakota. Their state animal is the coyote and their state bird is the Chinese ring-necked pheasant. The capital is Pierre and the 1997 population is 737,973. The size is 77,121 square miles. The states nickname became Mt. Rushmore state. Some fun facts about South Dakota's nature is that its state tree is the black hills spruce and the state flower is the American pasque flower. Their state song is "Hail South Dakota" written by Deecort Hammitt.

Every March the town Freeman holds a food tasting fair called Schmeckfest. Mt Rushmore attracts tourists. The largest city is Sioux Falls and South Dakota has four large lakes.


South Dakota has many things for fun such like watching more than 300 different kinds of animals at the zoo. About 2 million people visit the Black Hill's National forest. Black Hill's are the most famous vacation area and more than 2 million people visit.


The first people arrived about 10,000 years ago. Some of the first explorers were Lewis and Clark. They forced Sacajawea to help them on there long journey to the west. After they killed Crazy Horse the navy tried to arrest his companion Sitting Bull but in the process killed him too. In 1890 one of the last wars between the soldiers and the Sioux took place. More than 153 Sioux died and more than 25 soldiers died.The settlers arrived in 1850's to the 1860's. In 1866 the U.S.A army built a road through the Native Americans hunting grounds. In the late 1870's the U.S. settlers lived in the Black Hills. In 1874 Custer kept out the Native Americans. and in 1876 the government forced the Sioux out. In 1877 soldiers killed Crazy Horse. Later South Dakota became a the 40th state. In 1970 about 32,000 people served in the war. In the 1930's there was a drought. There was a little or no rainfall. In 1929-1939 crop prices dropped. In the 1950's there were more tractors farming then people.
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