The Louisiana Purchase

What is the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase is one of the largest land purchases in history. The land stretched from the Mississippi River in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the West and from the Gulf of Mexico in the south to the border of Canada in the north. The territory included 15 states before the boundary adjustments were made and it included 828,000 miles of land.

What Problems did They Come Across With the Louisiana Purchase?

Since Thomas Jefferson wanted to have a lot of power and land, he had to deal with the consequence of spending a lot of money. After he bought the land from the French Thomas Jefferson was left with not a lot of money and they had to try to gain it back to pay for other things and keep the land. Thomas Jefferson was also worried that the French controlling New Orleans would not allow trade with Americans through the Mississippi River. Eventually, before he could know it this did happen.

How did the American Economy Improve After the Purchase?

After Thomas Jefferson bought the land, they were able to have a lot of power and rule over everyone from all the land they bought but they did spend a lot of money. They eventually gained the money back because more people lived on the land and they had a lot of farmland. Therefore, they had a lot of crops they grew so that helped them to make more money through trading and selling the crops.

By: Jayna Novak