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Who Am I?

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Dominican Republic// Summer 2015

Annie Connolly In 101 Words

I'm eighteen years old, and addicted to my busy schedule. I'm an editor for the Highland Rambler, and part of the Highland Dance Compnay presidency. I dance for two different companies outside of Highland and train at three more studios. I'm a dental assistant. I love my friends, family and mostly my dog. I will be a part of the Modern Dance Department and the Lassonde 400 in the Entrepreneurship Institute at the University of Utah this fall. My heart belongs to the people and pets in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. If you understand the title of my page, let's be friends.

severe weakness for cityscapes

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my passion

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Happiest moment of my life

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Saving us from the awkward

Using a smore flyer to introduce ourselves is a wonderful idea. The worst part of starting a new class is the unavoidable introduction-- State your name and age, and one thing everybody should know about you. This is so much more fun, and much more insightful.