2nd Hand News

Feb 29-March 4

Marching On

2nd graders have been busy watching the weather, studying their brains, making change (and learning that decimal points are very important), the Bossy "R" in spelling, studying welded sounds, and learning the skill of visualization for comprehension in reading.

Our Big Friend/Little Friend Wellness trip to the Franklin Institute was fun and informative. The brain's many facets were fascinating to see and think about with our Big Friends. While learning the visualization aspects of "what, color, and size" during reading, 2nd graders were able to connect the idea of perspective with the different optical exhibits at the Brain Exhibit. During our study of money, we branched out from making change to lemonade stands and then a little bit about how the banking system works. The 100th Day of School was celebrated with festive, handmade hats created by using geometry and measurement.

Reminder: Spelling homework is now a minimum of 4 activities a week, only 2 from the front side.

It was wonderful to see and visit with parents at the auction--what a glamorous group we have!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Mrs. Nyce