Ian Larocque

Hockey Player for the Austin Ice Bats

Ian Larocque

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From Hockey Player to Hockey Fan: Ian Larocque

Although his hockey days may be over, Ian Larocque still has love for the game. He looks forward to taking his daughter to hockey games over the years to show and experience with her something that used to be so important to him. This is also a way in which he can still enjoy hockey, while supporting the game that he loves so much.

Although it might be hard for some to stop playing the game that meant so much to them, to sit in the stands and root for others is important to Ian Larocque. The most important thing in his life now is his daughter, though he still loves the game of hockey a great deal. By putting the skates aside and sitting back, Ian Larocque goes to hockey games to enjoy the action through the eyes of a fan. Ian now understands how much fans really care about the game.

There are two reasons that Ian Larocque loves being a fan. First, it helps his competitive spirit. He used to be so competitive in playing the sport, that by going to games, it allows him to keep that feeling while supporting his team. Secondly, Ian Larocque just honestly enjoys the game. He says that watching is not quite as fun as playing the game, but being able to still enjoy something that was such a big part of his life is rewarding. Most importantly, Ian Larocque loves being able to share his intensity and love for the game with his daughter.

Ian Larocque’s Top 3 Golf Courses in Austin Texas

From hockey to golf, Ian Larocque has made sure that he stays active. One of the hobbies he enjoys the most is a round of golf at some of the top golf courses in Austin, TX.

The first that Ian Larocque would recommend is Avery Ranch Golf Club. This course features the best greens and fairways in central Texas. Many famous golf championships have taken place at this golf course because of its challenging holes and unique course layout. It is also featured as number one for best course conditions in Texas.

The second, and more affordable golf course, which is also appropriate for all ages, is Riverside, one of Ian Larocque’s favorites. Because of its riveting history and hallowed ground, Riverside Golf Course is interesting for all golfers. Ian Larocque loves to golf there because he can kick back, relax, and enjoy a round of golf in the beautiful open sunshine while also getting some exercise.

Opening in 2003, a newer golf course that Ian Larocque cannot get enough of is Falconhead Golf Club. It is open to the public daily and gives golfers a taste of what it is like to golf like a pro. Ian loves the rolling terrain that challenges his golf game to its fullest.

The next time you are in Austin, Texas and looking to play a good round of golf, stop by one of Ian Larocque’s top golf pics, and you will be sure to have a great time either with friends or the entire family.

Tips to Becoming a Better Hockey Player

Ian Larocque knows firsthand what it takes to become the best at playing hockey. Ever since he was a little boy growing up in Kingston, Canada, Ian has had the dedication and determination to become the best. But it takes more than just practice on the ice. Ian Larocque believes there are important ways you can become a better hockey player, and it starts with eating right. Taking care of your body is very important, and fueling your body with good nutrition can provide the most energy and build muscle.

Being active and working out daily is another way to make sure your body is ready to endure long, tough games. During his time with the Austin Ice Bats, Ian Larocque was in the gym and on the ice every day, training his body to become stronger and faster. It is important to make sure that you are physically fit for such harsh conditions.

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Ian Larocque will be the first to tell you that it is true. They say some people are just born with talent, but without constant practice, they will eventually be surpassed by those who are willing to put in the time and effort to become the best. Ian Larocque believes that the most important thing you can remember during practice is to do it right the first time and every time after that. Muscle memory is the hardest to create, says Ian Larocque, but if you do it enough times the correct way, the task will become easier.

The feeling of Camaraderie that Develops Within Team Sports

Being part of a team is more than just showing up to practice and games. It is about the friendships and trust you gain along the way. Ian Larocque can tell you firsthand how camaraderie develops while playing a team sport.

In his two years with the Austin Ice Bats, Ian Larocque became more than just a hockey player, he became a part of a family. He grew as an individual and developed with the team, and overall he became someone that the community and other hockey players looked up to. Ian Larocque describes camaraderie as a sense of brotherhood. He enjoyed being a part of something that was important to not just him but to the rest of the team as well.

Team sports are the best places to find the feeling of camaraderie as a whole. Ian Larocque remembers being on the ice and the feeling it gave him when he would help his goalie out by blocking a shot, or the feeling of assisting a teammate with a goal to win the game. Ian Larocque believes that in the end, win or lose, when you know that you gave it your best and your teammates stand by you, the feeling of brotherhood and camaraderie are at their all-time high. There is nothing like being on a team and getting that feeling of trust that it gives you. Team sports have not only given Ian Larocque the feeling of camaraderie on the ice, but off the ice as well when hanging out with teammates.

5 Ways to Spend the Day with Your Daughter

Ian Larocque used to spend his days on the ice at the hockey rink and traveling from city to city; that was until his daughter came into his life. Even though he went from hockey pads to tutus, Ian Larocque wouldn’t change his life now for anything. He spends most of his day with his daughter rather than working out and hanging with his buddies.

Although it may be hard from some to change their lifestyle when children come, for Ian Larocque this was an easy change. He has come up with many fun and invigorating ways spend time with his daughter, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Here are five ways that Ian Larocque likes to spend time with his daughter:

There is nothing like popping some popcorn and sitting on the couch to watch a favorite movie. Even if it is a kid’s movie, remember, it’s time spent with your daughter that is important. Another activity that Ian Larocque likes to do with his daughter is to go hiking. Living just on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Ian and his daughter spend sunny days getting outside and enjoying the beauty around them. To incorporate something Ian really enjoys with his daughter, he often takes her to play miniature golf. This is a great way for them to learn sportsmanship and common etiquette. Another small activity that Ian Larocque likes to do with his daughter is read. Every night before bed, Ian enjoys reading and teaching his daughter how to read. Lastly, and his favorite activity by far, Ian Larocque really enjoys making dinner with his daughter. This is quality time that they get to spend together working and then enjoying the outcome.

Why Your Relationship with Your Daughter is Important

A father’s love for his daughter is like nothing else and one of the most important in a girl’s life. Ian Larocque knows firsthand how important his daily relationship is with his daughter. He believes that it has helped shape her self-esteem, self-image, and overall confidence in herself.

Ian Larocque likes to spend as much time with his daughter as he can. He wants to be able to encourage his daughter in positive ways, which will allow her to become confident in herself and help her pursue her goals in life. Ian Larocque spends most of his days doing activities with his daughter, even if it is just doing a puzzle or watching a movie together.

A strong relationship between Ian Larocque and his daughter has not only helped her, but has helped Ian himself. By becoming more involved in his daughter’s life, he has grown and become more of a loving and caring person. Ian Larocque believes that the more you are involved in your daughter’s life, the more your daughter will learn to trust you and trust herself.

There is nothing quite like a bond between a father and his daughter. Ian’s unconditional love and ability to always make his daughter smile is something that he treasures. Ian Larocque strives to be like the father that every little girls needs in her life, someone to teach her how to ride a bike and be there for her when she falls. Making your daughter the center of your life will not only change her life but will change yours as well, says Ian Larocque.

Hockey: Ian Larocque’s Favorite Sport

Ian Larocque from Kingston, Canada has been playing hockey most of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. There are thousands of reasons why Ian chooses hockey over any other sport, but here are the 5 most important reasons.

First, it gave Ian Larocque the chance to roughhouse and release energy as a boy. Hockey was his golden ticket to being rough in the nicest way. He got to dress up in pads and skates and chase around a puck while slamming others into the glass and having fun.

Secondly, hockey is played indoors and can be played during any time of the day, or any time of the year. Whether it is raining or snowing, hockey is a game that can be enjoyed not just by the players but by the fans as well, which is what Ian Larocque now considers himself.

The third thing Ian Larocque enjoys about hockey is how fast-paced it is. Players are always blazing up and down the ice at fast speeds and firing shots that can go up to 100 mph. It is a game of non-stop action.

The next thing that makes hockey so unique for Ian Larocque is the high level of skill that is needed to play. Hockey requires not only the ability to skate forwards and backwards, but also to make sudden stops at high speeds which requires enormous strength and balance.

Lastly and more importantly, Ian Larocque enjoys the bond between his teammates and fans. When you are a hockey fan, you are a part of unique circle.

How Focus Can Help Your Golf Game, with Ian Larocque

As an ex-professional hockey player, Ian Larocque understands how important it is to be able to focus during important plays. No matter the game, focusing is something that a lot of people struggle with. In the game of golf, this is especially true. Ian Larocque has taken his focus from hockey and put it to the test on the golf course. He believes that by improving one’s ability to focus, a golf game can improve immensely.

Being able to focus down and get completely absorbed into your swing will allow your body to work without thinking. Ian Larocque says that you have achieved complete focus when nothing can interrupt your train of thought. During your next swing, try to focus on nothing but the ball. Focus for at least 30 seconds before even thinking about swinging, as Ian Larocque does,. Then step back and consider if you remember hearing anything other than your own thoughts.

For Ian Larocque, the thing that helps him focus the most during his golf game is thinking about where he wants his ball to land. Before you hit your ball, think about exactly where you want it to go and how you want to hit it. Imagine taking the most perfect swing and the ball going exactly where you want it to go. This will help to relax your mind and allow your body do the work. Separate your mind from the game of golf and focus on giving yourself confidence in every swing. Ian Larocque is positive this will help improve all aspects of your game.

5 Reasons Ian Larocque Supports Team Sports at a Young Age

While growing up, Ian Larocque had always been a part of a team sport. It all started with hockey for him as a kid, and being a part of a team sport really helped him develop into a strong individual. Being part of a team sport at a young age is something that Ian Larocque strongly supports and here are five reasons why.

The first reason Ian Larocque believes in playing team sports at a young age is because it provides kids with important lessons on personal values. Second, children who play team sports are less likely to feel isolated. Third, team sports help encourage parents to become more active in their child’s life. They have to take them and pick them up from practice and most of the time they will find themselves staying to watch, which gives the child a sense of support. Fourth, team sports help kids deal with winning and losing. Children at a young age start to become competitive, and losing can be really frustrating. Ian Larocque remembers that losing as a kid was heart breaking, but being a part of a team made it easier to deal with. And lastly, team sports can help kids overcome shyness. Ian Larocque believes that being a part of a team sport helps individuals believe more in themselves and gain self-esteem.

When thinking about putting your child in a team sport, don’t think twice. Without being a part of a team sport at a young age, Ian Larocque believes that he would not be who he is today.

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Ian Larocque is a hard-working, dedicated man committed to building the strongest team possible. The opportunity to work as a pivotal team member and grow as an exceptional team leader has sculpted the outlook of Ian Larocque. As a result of years of experience being a member of numerous teams, Ian Larocque has genuine understanding of what it is to build a team, and is an asset to any and every team he has the fortune to work with. Ian Larocque balances all aspects of life with enthusiasm and drive to build the strongest team and produce the best results.